Identify, understand and act on previously hidden value from your data.

Use databases that are optimised for scale, performance and cost for specific workloads.

Save 45% on licensing costs by migrating and optimizing on cloud databases. (

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As an AWS Competency Partner in data and analytics, we showcase our ability to deliver scalable and efficient solutions for data-driven decision-making and business intelligence.

Build a better business with data

Purpose-built databases are designed and optimised to perform specific tasks or handle specific types of data. They are an important part of a modern data strategy because they can improve the efficiency, speed, and reliability of data management and analysis.

By using the right purpose-built database for the specific needs of a project or application, organisations can improve the performance and scalability of their data systems, and ultimately make better use of their data.

What is a modern data strategy?

15+ purpose built databases

15+ purpose-built engines to support diverse data models, including relational, key-value, document, in-memory, graph, time series, wide column, and ledger databases.

Fully managed databases

Free your teams from time-consuming database tasks like server provisioning, patching, and backups through continuous monitoring, self-healing storage, and automated scaling.

Performance at scale

Start small and scale as your applications grow with relational databases or non-relational databases. Match your storage and compute needs easily, often with no downtime.

Availability & security

Provide full data oversight with multiple levels of security, including network isolation and end-to-end encryption and deliver the high availability, reliability, and security you need for business-critical, enterprise workloads.

Modern Data Strategy

Building a data strategy is essential for organisations to stay relevant, competitive, and innovative amidst constant change. Because data is vast, dynamic and comes in many different formats, extracting value can be challenging and to harness data’s full potential requires an end to end modern strategy.

Data Maturity Assessment

The Data Maturity Assessment (DMA) is a 5 point assessment of specific areas contributing to a data strategy to highlight your current state, score your data maturity and highlight a clear roadmap for improvement.

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Modern Data Strategy

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