Take back control of your supply chain management, with Firemind and AWS

The world is experiencing supply chain challenges, triggered by a global pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, weather and labour disruptions. Our customers are looking for supply chain technology capabilities to meet and overcome these challenges. As an AWS supply chain competency specialist, Firemind is uniquely positioned to help enable cloud management within the supply chain sector, resulting in an improved customer experience, with lower supply chain operating costs.

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Cloud management never looked so easy

Firemind provides cloud-native supply chain solutions on AWS, for companies of every size and segment, to enhance their responsiveness to customers, increase the speed of decision making and operation through automation and AI. We are a supply chain management enabler, working to strengthen our customers resilience to disruptions, as well as becoming more responsible towards the environment and global community.

Build sustainably

Meet the pressures of using a sustainable and eco-conscious cloud platform. Firemind builds to AWS best practices, ensuring your performance, data, and resource management, works with the lowest impact on the environment.

Cloud resilience

In a time of global disruption, make sure your supply chain and operations platform continues to perform. We build fully serverless, ensuring there is never a single point of failure.

Increase efficiency

Firemind provides a scalable infrastructure that allows supply chain businesses to access computing resources as needed. This flexibility helps optimise supply chain operations by reducing operational costs and providing faster access to data management.

Real-time visibility

AWS cloud management services provide real-time visibility into supply chain operations, enabling businesses to monitor and track inventory levels, orders, and shipments in real-time. Helping you to reduce errors, delays, and inventory holding costs.

Collaboration on-demand

Firemind’s cloud projects provide a unified platform for supply chain stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly. This allows for better communication and coordination across departments, partners, and vendors, resulting in improved supply chain performance.

AWS partnership

As we’ve mentioned above, our partnership with AWS means that your business will always stay ahead of the curve. You’ll gain instant access to new tools, services, features and support. What’s not to love?

Our supply chain journey

Alongside AWS, we provide the broadest selection of management services that fit all your supply chain enablement needs. Helping organisations, of all sizes and industries, to reinvent their supply chain processes.

Typically, there are five main stages of supply chain service workloads, covering planning, sourcing, making, moving and enabling. The final stage of enablement is where Firemind delivers real value. Helping with performance, data management, resource management, facilities management, contract workflows, supply chain network changes, regulatory compliance management, risk assessments, and supply chain procurement.


Modernise your data infrastructure

Purpose-built databases are designed and optimised to perform specific tasks or handle specific types of data. They are an important part of a modern data strategy as they improve the efficiency, speed, and reliability of data management and analysis.

We use AWS services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB, when building your backend systems that are used to store, manage, update, and analyse data, for all types of applications.

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Data lakes

Break down data siloes and enable easy analytics

Empower your users to collaborate and analyse supply chain processes in different ways, leading to faster (and better) decision making. With data lakes, you can store your distribution data as-is, without the pain of having to restructure and format. Opening doors to ML integration and unified data access.

Firemind uses AWS services such as Amazon S3, AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue, to build scalable, cost effective and fully serverless data lakes. We help you deploy infrastructures almost instantly, leading to a more productive and flexible data team.

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Unlocking valuable insights with analytic best practices

For both current and predictive analytics, AWS provides a broad set of machine learning services and tools that run on your data lake. AWS analytics services leverage proven machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, to help you gain deeper and faster insights from your data.

We use specific AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena and Amazon Kinesis, to enable a modern analytical approach that matches your modern data strategy needs.

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A closer look

At Firemind's supply chain services

Enabling a data-driven culture is the hardest obstacle on the path to a data-driven organisation, according to 92% of US companies.

By empowering your team to use more advanced analytical services and visualisations, you can propel your businesses predictive capabilities, as well overall business reporting features.

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