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The tool to creating a clear roadmap, that improves your data maturity

Having a robust data strategy is essential to establishing a clear vision and direction for all organisations which can help you achieve better outcomes, make more informed decisions, and gain a competitive advantage. However, many organisations struggle with tracking and measuring progress in their data strategy and maturity.

6.7% growth in revenue every year

For every step higher on the AWS data maturity ladder.

50% don't track data strategy progress

Half of organisations don’t track progress in their data strategy.

41% overreport their data maturity levels

Two in five organisations overreport their level of data maturity.

The Data Maturity Assessment (DMA)

Data Maturity Assessments (DMAs) reveal where an organisation stands in terms of its level of data maturity. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of your data strategy, infrastructure, and processes, our DMA provides valuable insights that can help you measure progress and identify areas for improvement.

Assessment Report

Tiered, relevant AWS resources to help strengthen your data strategy

Users can benchmark their data performance and current infrastructure, receiving tiered, relevant, AWS resources that help strengthen their data strategy. This provides organisations with the necessary insights to begin planning a more mature data strategy, leveraging the full capabilities of AWS, and helping to foster a data-driven culture.

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Our Modern Data Strategy Model

Our data strategy model highlights the key areas to help create a data strategy that makes your data as accessible, shareable, and actionable as possible for all stakeholders who need it, with the right security controls in place.

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Snapshot view of data maturity

Single point in time view of your data maturity to help future growth.

Easy to use assessment

0-4 scale answers, keeping it simple and saving you time.

Highlight areas of opportunity

Identify areas of strength and weakness within the data strategy model.

Score-based tools and resources

Tiered, relevant, AWS resources that help strengthen your data strategy.

Historical maturity comparison

Compare previous assessment to highlight improvement and a maturing strategy.

Share with stakeholders and teams

Share with stakeholders and teams to help guide future business decisions.


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