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May 16, 2024

Powering Decision-Making: The Role of Embedded Analytics within Amazon QuickSight

As businesses increasingly prioritise data-driven approaches, organisations are seeking methods to leverage their data for more informed and flexible decision-making. Amazon QuickSight emerges as a powerful solution, reshaping how businesses engage with, analyse, and utilise their data. Embedded analytics with QuickSight is a capability that empowers organisations to extract maximum value from their data.

This article explores the role of embedded analytics within Amazon QuickSight and how it empowers organisations to make more informed and agile decisions.

Integrating insights into workflows with embedded analytics

Embedded analytics refers to the integration of analytical capabilities directly into business applications, workflows, and processes. This seamless integration allows users to access and interact with data-driven insights without having to navigate away from their primary work environment. This means that users can easily embed their interactive QuickSight dashboards, visualisations, and reports directly into their existing applications, portals, or custom-built solutions.

Empowering decision-makers with real-time insights

One of the key benefits of embedded analytics within QuickSight is the ability to empower decision-makers with real-time, contextual insights. By surfacing relevant data and analytics within the tools and applications that users already rely on, QuickSight helps to eliminate the need for time-consuming data exploration and manual report generation. This enables faster and more informed decision-making, as users can quickly access the information, they need to address upcoming business challenges or identify new opportunities.

Infusing decision-making with advanced analytics

The embedded analytics capabilities of QuickSight extend beyond just visualisation and reporting. The service also allows users to embed advanced analytical capabilities, such as machine learning models, directly into their applications. This enables organisations to augment their decision-making data with predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations, further enhancing their ability to tackle complex business environments.

Enhancing the user experience

Another advantage of embedded analytics with QuickSight is the enhanced user experience it provides. By integrating analytics directly into the tools and applications that users are already familiar with, QuickSight helps to reduce the learning curve and increase user adoption. This not only leads to more a more data-savvy culture within the organisation but also ensures that the insights generated by QuickSight are more readily accessible and actionable.

Unlocking new revenue streams

In addition to enhancing the user experience, embedded analytics with QuickSight also offers significant benefits for organisations looking to create new revenue streams or differentiate their product offerings. By embedding QuickSight’s analytical capabilities into their own applications or services, businesses can add value for their customers and potentially unlock new monetisation opportunities.

Going beyond internal company portals and reporting, embedded analytics can also be exposed on your customer facing products, allowing you to leverage the advanced analytical features of QuickSight to differentiate your products.

Scalable and cost-effective analytics

Furthermore, the serverless architecture of QuickSight ensures that organisations can scale their embedded analytics capabilities effortlessly, from a few users to hundreds of thousands, without the need to build, set up, and manage their own analytics infrastructure. This pay-per-use model not only reduces the upfront investment required but also provides organisations with the flexibility to adapt their embedded analytics offerings as their business needs evolve.

Real-world examples of embedded analytics

The following case studies demonstrate how organisations across various industries have successfully leveraged the embedded analytics capabilities of Amazon QuickSight to drive more informed and agile decision-making, enhance user experience, and unlock new revenue streams.

Siemens: Siemens has used embedded analytics with QuickSight to provide secure, fast, and cost-effective access to interactive data for its employees, leveraging features like PrivateLink, SAML authentication, and usage-based pricing.

Volvo Group: The Volvo Group has integrated QuickSight’s embedded analytics to gain timely visibility into their cost and usage information, infusing their decision-making with advanced analytics.

Rio Tinto: Rio Tinto has experienced enhanced user experience through embedded analytics with QuickSight, enabling its analysts to create insightful dashboards quickly for critical risk management, and scale them to more end-users with Readers and usage-based pricing.

Lucerna Health: Lucerna Health, a healthcare data technology company, has leveraged this capability to integrate QuickSight into their Healthcare Data Platform product, enabling them to support advanced analytics and reporting at unlimited scale for their customers.

To conclude

As we’ve explored with all the above case studies, embedded analytics with Amazon QuickSight has been a pivotal feature in driving data-driven decision-making within organisations. By seamlessly integrating analytical capabilities into business applications and workflows, QuickSight empowers users with real-time, contextual insights that can drive more informed and agile decision-making. Organisations that embrace the ability to leverage embedded analytics will gain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth.

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