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Innovating healthcare delivery with the cloud


Securely store and access healthcare data for seamless collaboration.


Scalable storage and computing resources to accommodate dynamic data needs.


Data protection with encryption, access controls, backups, and disaster recovery.

AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner

As an AWS Competency Partner in Machine Learning, we are proud to offer specialised ML expertise and solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Transform healthcare business operations with AWS cloud solutions

Experience the transformative power of cloud technology with AWS in the healthcare industry. With AWS, healthcare organisations can unlock a world of possibilities, revolutionising patient care, operational efficiency, and innovation. Seamlessly store, access, and analyse vast amounts of healthcare data securely and effortlessly.

Case Study

Automated medical record collation using AI/ML

“A massive thing we love about Firemind is the way they’ve communicated with us, it’s been really refreshing talking to Firemind about the technical aspects of the project whilst communicating clearly, without the usual jargon and abbreviations.”

Pete Kilbane

Commercial Director

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Understanding the healthcare and life sciences sector

By harnessing the power of the cloud, healthcare providers can access and store vast amounts of patient data securely, enabling seamless collaboration and information sharing across healthcare teams. Cloud-based solutions facilitate real-time access to patient records, diagnostic images, and test results, empowering healthcare professionals to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Data accessibility


Of healthcare organisations reported improved collaboration after adopting cloud solutions.

Accelerated research


Faster. Using cloud-based platforms for genomics analysis can reduce the time required for analysis from weeks to just hours.



Cost reductions visible whilst improving the ability to manage and allocate resources effectively.

Secure compliance


Of healthcare organisations experienced improved security after adopting cloud solutions, leading to increased compliance.

Advanced analytics


Of healthcare organisations reported using cloud-based analytics solutions to derive insights from their data, leading to improved population health management.

Remote monitoring


Of healthcare organisations have implemented cloud-based telehealth platforms, leading to expanded access to care, reduced hospital readmissions, and increased patient satisfaction.

Introduce AI to your business

Unlock the transformative power of AI/ML in healthcare with Firemind’s cloud solutions. Drive revenue growth, enhance customer experiences, and optimise operations. Leverage AI algorithms and machine learning in the cloud to gain insights, predict trends, and build effective infrastructures. Stay ahead, exceed expectations, and achieve success with scalable, cost-effective, and agile cloud solutions.

Healthcare use cases by solution area

Accelerate your healthcare ML project with our MLOps Platform

With a well-architected and scalable deployment, our framework utilises AWS cloud native services to ensure you only pay for what you use, with a solution that scales with you as you grow.

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Implement AI into your industry workflow

Explore & Define

AI Roadmap:
Exploration, applications, & goal setting

We'll explore AI's applications and benefits through research, workshops, and team engagement. This will identify how AI can enhance customer experience, inventory management, demand forecasting, pricing optimisation, and fraud detection. We'll then set clear goals, create a roadmap, and identify specific use cases for integrating AI in your retail operations.

Assess & Develop

Data preparation:
Evaluation & model development

We'll evaluate data sources, plan infrastructure, and aggregate diverse data. Then, we'll develop AI models through machine learning, including algorithm selection, feature engineering, training, and validation. Models will be deployed, integrated, and tested for accuracy and performance.

Refine & Scale

AI expansion:
Monitoring, retraining
& scaling

AI implementation is iterative, involving continuous monitoring, feedback collection, and refinements. Retraining models with more data enhances accuracy and adaptability. After successful initial deployment, expand AI across departments with chatbots for customer support, computer vision for visual product search, and AI-driven recommendation engines.

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Exploration & understanding

Your first step is to explore and understand the potential applications and benefits of AI in your business. We'll conduct research, construct workshops, and engage with your team to gain insights into how AI can drive improvements in areas such as customer experience, inventory management, demand forecasting, pricing optimisation, and fraud detection.


Set your goals

Once you recognise the value of AI, we'll define clear goals and objectives for integrating AI into your retail operations. These goals could include enhancing customer personalisation, improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, or increasing revenue. We'll craft a well-defined roadmap and identify specific use cases where AI can deliver tangible business value.


Assessment & preparation

AI relies heavily on quality data. We'll assess your existing data sources, identify gaps, and determine the necessary data collection and storage infrastructure. This may involve aggregating data from various systems, such as sales transactions, customer interactions, inventory and/or external sources.


Model development and deployment

Once the data is ready, we'll develop and train AI models using machine learning techniques. This involves selecting the appropriate algorithms, feature engineering, model training, and validation. The models are then deployed into your retail environment, integrating with existing systems and processes, then tested for accuracy and performance.


Refinement & improvement

AI implementation in retail is an iterative process. We'll help you continually monitor the performance of AI models, collect feedback, and makes necessary refinements. As more data is collected, the models can be retrained to improve accuracy and adapt to changing market conditions.


Scaling & expansion

As the initial AI deployment proves successful, you can expand the use of AI across different functions and departments. This could include implementing AI-driven chatbots for customer support, using computer vision for visual product search, or leveraging AI-powered recommendation engines for personalised product suggestions. Whatever you're choice, we have you covered.