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Deploying smarter data analytics for British Land

ServiceData & Analytics
IndustryReal Estate

Deploying smarter data analytics for British Land

Meet British Land

British Land PLC are one of the largest property development and investment companies in the United Kingdom.

The firm became a real estate investment trust when REITs were introduced in the UK in January 2007. British Land are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index (as well as a founding member of the European Public Real Estate Association).


Data reports created to view separate business functions.

Business Challenges

British Land carried out most of their data analytics using on-premise hardware. This led to constant hardware issues, cost-intensive processes and problems with scalability and access.

As the business was growing, this current workflow for data access was not sustainable.

Why us?

British Land needed to partner with a consultancy who understood how to scale data applications, but also how to build custom reports with more advanced features.

Having years of specialised experience building data platforms, Firemind were the best partner for the task.

Our solution

The Solution was simple. Integrate Qlik Sense to build custom branded dashboards that could scale. The addition of Qlik meant users across the business could access the new data and analytical centre, without relying on costly on-premise hardware.

The switch to a cloud based system meant Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines could be automated and made more efficient as data teams began refining the processes and models.

Added value

By teaming up with Firemind’s Data Scientists, British Land were able to migrate their entire data review process to the cloud. Not only providing significant cost  savings compared to on-premise systems, but enabling more users across the UK to access the new hub.


More advanced reports that shaped user insight and business decisions.

UX Redesign

Mishandling of data and inconsistent reports were now a thing of the past, as we built easy to user and navigation friendly data dashboards.

Payment Management

Management of payments, invoice reconciliation and property values (such as deposits, rents, interest charges) were streamlined and structured for more accurate reporting on company finances.

Data Streams

Tying multiple data streams to provide a single source of truth proved to be the most valuable benefit to British Land. Before our solution, valuable time and energy went into collating data types without the visual aids in place to make sense of what was gathered. Our Qlik upgrades and model refinement removed this barrier.

Client Satisfaction

“Firemind continue to provide great customer service and data products that move our business forward.”

Alex Christofis

Director of Shared Services

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