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April 26, 2024

Exciting New Features in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight has recently introduced several exciting new features that enhance the platform's capabilities. These updates include improved security and control, enhanced data analysis and reporting capabilities, as well as new solutions for specialised use cases.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the key updates to Amazon QuickSight and explore how they can benefit your organisation’s data analytics and decision-making processes.

AWS PrivateLink support for Amazon QuickSight

One of the major announcements is the integration of AWS PrivateLink with Amazon QuickSight. This integration provides private connectivity between the QuickSight service, virtual private clouds (VPCs), or on-premises networks, without routing traffic to the public internet.

With this feature, administrators can use VPC endpoint policies to restrict access to QuickSight accounts that are not authorised on their network. This added layer of security and control is particularly valuable for organisations with strict data governance requirements or those operating in sensitive industries.

AWS Marketplace Usage Dashboard for Sellers

AWS Marketplace has also introduced a new Amazon QuickSight dashboard that displays customers’ product usage for AWS Marketplace sellers. This dashboard, accessible under the Insights > Sales operations tab of the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), provides sellers with a visualised reporting experience for their customers’ product usage information.

The key features of this usage dashboard include:

Dynamic search and filtering: Sellers can easily search and filter the data across various dimensions, such as offer visibility type (public, private, channel, etc.) and custom date ranges.

Comprehensive usage insights: The dashboard offers pre-built metrics and charts that enable sellers to identify trends and issues in their customers’ product usage patterns.

Downloadable data: Sellers can download the granular usage data directly from the dashboard in CSV or Excel formats for further analysis.

This new dashboard empowers AWS Marketplace sellers to make more informed decisions regarding product support, pricing, conversion from public to private offers, and product discontinuation.

Enhancements to KPI visuals in Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight has also introduced a range of exciting enhancements to its KPI (Key Performance Indicator) visual capabilities. These improvements include:

Templated KPI layouts: QuickSight now offers a user-friendly onboarding experience, allowing authors to select from pre-designed KPI layouts tailored to various use cases and configurations. This makes it easier for users to create visually appealing KPIs with just a few clicks.

Support for sparklines: The KPI visual now supports the inclusion of sparklines, which are small, line chart-like visualisations that provide a concise representation of data trends.

Improved conditional formatting: QuickSight has enhanced its conditional formatting capabilities, enabling authors to apply more sophisticated formatting rules to their KPI visuals.

Revamped format pane: The format pane for KPI visuals has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive and streamlined user experience.

These enhancements to KPI visuals in Amazon QuickSight empower users to create more engaging and informative dashboards, helping them retrieve greater insights in less time from their data.

Clickstream Analytics on AWS solution

In addition to the updates within QuickSight, AWS has also introduced a new end-to-end solution called “Clickstream Analytics on AWS.” This off-the-shelf deployable reference architecture allows you to capture, ingest, store, analyse, and visualise clickstream data from your web and mobile applications using various AWS services with visual analytics ultimately surfacing in QuickSight.

By leveraging this solution, businesses can gain valuable insights into user behaviour, website performance, and customer engagement, driving more informed decision-making.

To conclude

The recent updates to Amazon QuickSight demonstrate the platform’s continued evolution and commitment to providing businesses with powerful data visualisation and business intelligence capabilities. From enhanced security and control through AWS PrivateLink integration to improved KPI visuals and new data analysis solutions, these features empower users to unlock deeper insights and make more informed decisions.

As an AWS Specialist Data and AI Partner, Firemind can help you leverage the full potential of Amazon QuickSight.

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