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A businesses who can move from a level 100 data aware business to a level 400 data driven business can expect to see an average increase in revenue of 30% (AWS).

Leverage our data maturity assessment (DMA) to evaluate your current level and identify a roadmap to a data-driven business.

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Building a data strategy is essential for organisations to stay relevant, competitive, and innovative amidst constant change. Because data is vast, dynamic and comes in many different formats, extracting value can be challenging and to harness data’s full potential requires an end to end modern strategy.

Having a clear data strategy in place to collect, manage, organise and act on your data will help meet business goals, unlock new value for your organisation and build your entire data journey.

Support development and run workloads effectively, gain insight into their operation.

Continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to delivery business value.

Using data to make recommendations and streamline decision-making.

Use data and analytics to better understand customers and improve customer experience.

Modern Data Strategy

A data strategy outlines an organisation's long-term vision for collecting, storing, sharing, and usage of its data.

Our data strategy model highlights the key areas to help create a data strategy that makes your data as accessible, shareable, and actionable as possible for all stakeholders who need it, with the right security controls in place.

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Building your future proof data foundation

Building your future proof data foundation

As businesses grow, the data they generate will need purpose-built databases to ensure they provide performance at scale and at the lowest cost so you never have to compromise.

To discover new insights, purpose-built services from data lakes to analytics which have the best price-performance, scalability, and lowest cost are essential to maintain a competitive advantage.

Machine Learning and AI services help you add intelligence to your applications to address common use cases such as personalised recommendations, automation of data extraction, reducing fraud, and increasing customer engagement.

Allow your organisation and teams to understand your data by asking questions in natural language, exploring through interactive dashboards, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine learning.

Core elements to a Modern Data Strategy

Future-proof foundations

Using the right services to build a foundation that you don't need to be heavily re-architecting or incur tech debt as your needs evolve or volume or types of data changes.

Connective tissue

A set of solutions that help connect and integrate your data and your organisation's departments, teams and people.

Democratised data

Enabling employees and teams to analyse, visualise and derive insights from data to be able implement innovation throughout your organisation.

Build a better business with data


Make better, faster decisions

Make accurate and fast data driven decisions leveraging petabytes of real-time data.


Improve customer experience & loyalty

Offer a hyper-personalised experience harnessing historical data to accurately predict customer needs.


Stay ahead of the competition

Forecast trends in consumer purchasing and supply chains to identify opportunities and pitfalls within the market.

Travel & Hospitality

Reduce costs and reimagined processes

Review hours of video footage to identify patterns in behaviour and optimise the customer journey.

Data Maturity Assessment (DMA)

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Data Maturity Assessments (DMAs) reveal where an organisation stands in terms of its level of data maturity. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of your data strategy, infrastructure, and processes, our DMA provides valuable insights that can help you measure progress and identify areas for improvement.

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