Accelerated Generative AI pipeline

Fast track your use of generative AI with Firemind's PULSE tool

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Intuitive LLM pipeline

User friendly interface

Fast deployment

Meet PULSE: Your gateway to generative AI and LLM pipelines, using Amazon Web Services

Firemind’s PULSE provides an accelerated starter solution for any business looking to harness generative AI against their data. With a fully documented and user friendly interface, coming soon to the AWS Marketplace, organisations can experiment with prompt engineering against any data set they have available.

70% of customer service can be replaced by generative AI

The percentage of customer service communication which can be tackled by using large language models. (

Generative AI can support 40% of working hours in healthcare

Working hours in healthcare that could be supported or augmented by language-based AI. (

Global Market worth will reach $111 billion by 2030

The global generative AI market is estimated to reach $111 billion by 2030. (

Inside PULSE

Firemind has leveraged Amazon Bedrock with exciting results, infusing both data management with prompt engineering, to allow organisations to upload infinite data sets and find valuable insights, patterns and predictions. We’ve built PULSE from the ground up, ensuring every element can be explored through a simple and secure user interface.

Exploring prompts

Specific, tailored insights, for your business

Prompts form the backbone to our tool, serving as cues or hints to direct the AI system towards producing desired or relevant analysis of your data. Users can create an unlimited number of prompts, each providing accurate analysis of patterns, text summarisations and more.

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The results

Fast, accurate and actionable results

PULSE provides simple, versatile and adaptable results, to a wide range of use cases. In a matter of minutes, users can explore summarisations of vast datasets, with actionable insights against topics such as customer review text, financial projections, market research and much more.

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It begins with a Modern Data Strategy

Our data strategy model highlights the key areas to help create a data strategy, making your data as accessible, shareable, and actionable as possible, for all stakeholders who need it - with the right security controls in place. PULSE combines our experience in data handling, with the benefits of generative AI.

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Ease of use

Streamlined, fast, ready for use from day one.

Prompt mastery

Create an unlimited number of focused prompts.

Next-gen services

Utilising Amazon Bedrock, LLMs and FMs.

Actionable insights

Results overview with straight talking recommendations.

Governed and secure

Full visibility on users, data sets and overall governance.

Future proof

PULSE is scalable, with customisation options for longevity.

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If you’d like to use PULSE for your first generative AI exploration, or learn more about our Gen AI Discovery (3-6 week service), reach out to our team to find out more.

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Data focused

Start with a data maturity assessment

As an AWS all-in partner, we have the expertise and experience to guide you through our Data Maturity Assessment and help you unlock the full potential of your data for generative AI tools.

Zero bias. Complete transparency.

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