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Building a business intelligence platform, enabling live content analysis.


Building a business intelligence platform, enabling live content analysis.

Meet DFL

Since 2016, DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga) has been the governing body that is responsible for the organising and marketing of German professional football.


Cost savings by using Amazon S3 cloud storage.

Business Challenges

DFL specialise in marketing and organising football matches, then broadcasting them to millions of users around the world. DFL contacted Firemind to create a new system that would assist them in processing large volumes of data.

DFL had existing data processing platforms, such as open sourced Matomo setup on Elastic Beanstalk, using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to view data and forward data actions. However, they wanted to use Amazon Kinesis to visualise the data sent through, converting data into readable and actionable files. This would then be used by their applications team to display data to users in their iOS and Android apps, after being outputted to S3.

If DFLs challenges were not addressed, they wouldn’t be able to get data to display to users in any of their mobile applications.

Why us?

DFL were looking to partner with a consultancy that cherished data projects and had a keen understanding of building a business intelligence.

Firemind were the perfect fit for a project of this nature, combining specialist knowledge of AWS with a passion for data and visualisation best practices.

Our solution

Firemind created a fully managed solution with the use of Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Firehose, Amazon S3, CloudFront and AWS Lambda.

  • Amazon Kinesis made it easy to collect, process, and analyse the real-time streaming data.
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose gave us the ability to load the real-time streaming data into both a data lakes and analytical services for further processing and visualisation.
  • Amazon S3 provided all the scalable storage needs necessary for the solutions lifetime.
  • AWS Lambda catered for event sequences and drove serverless processes to tie in the services above.

Added value

Once the solution was built, it was tested thoroughly and enabled for use. Instantly, DFL saw exceptional results with their data being outputted to S3 in a short span of 5 minutes from the start of flow to display.


Cost savings for monthly S3 storage costs.

Instant Understanding

Given that requests are sent off by Google Tag Manager to the CloudFront Distribution at a rapid rate, results were seen quickly with Amazon Kinesis Firehose and Amazon S3, outputting Parquet files to the relevant users.

This was then consumed by DFL’s Matomo configuration which then gave the user who logged in an instant understanding of what data has been processed.

Accelerated Content

CloudFront was used for content acceleration and origin security. This also gave Firemind the option to enable AWS WAF for the distribution, enhancing data site security even further.

Custom Data Dashboard

Firemind crafted a one of a kind Business Intelligence dashboard that could display data from all users and deliver actionable information to the DFL data team.

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