Faster at getting your ML models to production with pre-processing and training


Designed to scale to over 300 models as your team and requirements grow


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Advantages of the MLOps Platform

Entry to expert

MLOps Platform opens the door to both citizen data scientists as well as technically enabled expert level data practitioners. You’ll be able to deploy models and work collaboratively between your teams, streamlining the integration and development phases whilst minimising the headaches.

Ease of use

It's a constant challenge to translate model outcomes into explainable insights for different technical and non-technical stakeholders. MLOps Platform provides a fast and effective way to productionise complex models with a detailed yet understandable framework.

Production led platform

MLOps Platform has undergone a wave of development adjustments and refinements, ensuring our final workflow is a production-first solution to accelerate your ML models. We’ve done all the heavy lifting when it comes to automation and the challenges in structuring, so you can focus on what’s important.


With a set of established AWS cloud and technology agnostic best practices, we’ve applied these architectural principles to our MLOps Platform. This ensures you can scale with confidence as our transparent and strong workflow remains compliant and adhering to company policies.

Scales with you

We’ve worked diligently to ensure your models can be easily reproduced and scaled as your business outcomes expand. Your business can easily monitor and control over 300 models that range from in development to production level.

Firemind’s out-of-the-box MLOps Platform, helping you manage the ML lifecycle end-to-end

The MLOps Platform accelerates your use of machine learning with a well-architected and scalable deployment. Our framework utilises AWS cloud native services to ensure you only pay for what you use, with a solution that scales with you as you grow. It works with any ML library or language as well as any existing code and models.

Fuelling business outcomes

There is a constant demand for businesses to prepare data correctly, train models, then validate, serve and monitor results. MLOps Platform ensures that your business can work towards swift business objectives, owning value where it’s needed in your ML journey.

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Part of our growing range of toolkits

The MLOps Platform is one of several independent and production ready tools. Providing easy integration and expansion to a Data Landing Zone as well as a Next Gen Data platform.

Migration Landing Zone

Accelerate your Migration to AWS with cloud native services using Firemind’s migration landing zones.

Data Landing Zone

Build out your data lakes and data warehouses rapidly and at scale using Firemind’s data landing zone.

Reduce the deployment of your ML Pipeline from months to minutes

Fully open source and regularly updated by our specialised team, MLOps Platform accelerates your use of Machine Learning with a well-architected and scalable deployment. No heavy workload, no tedious processes, just simple to follow GitHub actions that get you off the ground. Our framework utilises AWS native services as well as Amazon SageMaker to get you started with an ML Landing Zone.

MLOps Platform

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