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We specialise in helping customers seamlessly integrate AI, ML and generative AI into their business. Our AIOps solutions manage the entire lifecycle, from initial experimentation and deployment to ongoing continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach enables organisations to scale their AI workloads effectively, ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. With our expertise, you can harness the full potential of AI to drive innovation and optimise performance across your enterprise.

What is AIOps?

AIOps is the overarching end-to-end framework for managing all AI applications and defines the development, deployment, and maintenance of AI, ML, and GenAI workloads.

AIOps builds on the structures and purposes of its predecessors — MLOps, FMOps, and LLMOps, which focus on the creation, deployment, optimisation, and monitoring of Machine Learning models, Foundation Models, and Large Language Models, respectively.


Benefits of AIOpsGain expertise in AI operations

Infrastructure Management

Managing the infrastructure and tools for deploying and maintaining AI models, managing service quotas and limits.​

Customisation & Integration

Tailoring AI solutions to fit specific business needs and integrate with existing workflows and systems.​

Performance/Cost Optimisation

Retraining with new data, fine-tuning, optimising algorithms, cost optimisation, speed and latency.​


Evaluate your models performance against other models and industry benchmarks for quality and efficiency. ​


Monitor performance, accuracy, drift, precision, recall and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)​.


Troubleshooting issues and updating models if required. Fine tuning.​

AWS UKI Rising Star
of the Year

We achieved the AWS UKI Rising Star of the Year 2023 award in recognition for our work at the forefront of generative AI on AWS.

2x Generative AI Competencies

We were a launch partner for the generative AI competencies and were one of the first in the world to achieve both AWS generative AI competencies.

AIOps engagement

Our AIOps onboarding and continuous support model to enable organisations to successfully scale their generative AI workloads.

Case Study

95% Faster Document Review Process using PULSE


Removing the need for manual document reading and data extraction into Excel.


Automated solution that can pull desired data from multiple documents and list them in a simple to view UI and CSV.

“The solution is significantly outperforming OpenAI, and provides much better results."

Dr. Malte Polley – AWS Cloud Solution Architect at MRH Trowe

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Provision options

Shared responsibility model for each provision.

Generative AI

Learn more about Generative AI on AWS

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Yes, we can help you get your data into the best format for the FMs to leverage in your AI applications. Techniques like data cleaning, resolving missing values, reducing noise, deduplication, normalisation and tokenisation can be employed. Vector stores such as OpenSearch, Kendra and some databases can be utilised for RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) for adding domain specific information to the answers that the LLMs can provide.

We can help you assess the best models for your use-case. FMs can be utilised from open source and proprietary across differing input types such as text and images.

We provide flexible solutions for model training, deployment and hosting, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium.

We can configure User Interaction Analysis to provide this information. We can monitor refusals (where users may be attempting to jailbreak the FM or the responses are low value), in addition to sentiment and toxicity with other tools. Semantic similarity between the prompt and the response can also be measured to understand effectiveness and usage.

Our ethical AI processes can assist with ensuring the FMs align with ethical guidelines and societal norms by monitoring toxicity and sentiment. Guardrails can filter harmful content and stop topics being discussed that are not allowed and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be redacted and blocked.

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