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To deploy your containerised applications on AWS, with cloud native services


Cloud cost savings by moving your workloads to containers on AWS, using one of many cost saving plans


Serverless, compute-based architecture that scales, keeping you secure and well governed

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Advantages of the Migration Landing Zone

Entry to expert

Whether you're starting your cloud journey or you're a seasoned cloud veteran, governing your cloud resources and ensuring that they conform to best practices is not an easy task.

Ease of use

The Migration Landing Zone provides a fast and effective way to serverless, compute-based architecture.

Production led platform

The Migration Landing Zone has undergone a wave of development adjustments and refinements, ensuring our final workflow is a production-first solution. We’ve done all the heavy lifting when it comes to automation and the challenges in structuring, so you can focus on what’s important.


With a set of established AWS cloud and technology agnostic best practices, we’ve applied these architectural principles to our Migration Landing Zone. This ensures you can scale with confidence as our transparent and strong workflow remains compliant and adhering to company policies.

Scales with you

We’ve worked diligently to ensure your business can easily scale post migration, avoiding the need for complex re-architecting.

Firemind’s out-of-the-box Migration Landing Zone, helping you accelerate your Migration to AWS

The Migration Landing Zone accelerates your journey to AWS’ serverless, compute-based architecture with a well-architected and scalable deployment. Our framework utilises AWS cloud native services to ensure you only pay for what you use, with a solution that scales with you as you grow.

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Part of our growing range of toolkits

The Migration Landing Zone is one of several independent and production ready tools. Providing easy integration and expansion to a Data Landing Zone and ML-Ops pipeline.

Data Landing Zone

Build out your data lakes and data warehouses rapidly and at scale using Firemind’s data landing zone.

ML Ops Toolkit

Accelerate your time to value using Firemind's ML Ops Toolkit to kick start your AI adventure using the latest AWS Services.

Reduce the deployment of your Migration Landing Zone from months to minutes

Fully open source and regularly updated by our specialised team, The Migration Landing Zone accelerates your migration with a well-architected and scalable deployment. No heavy workload, no tedious processes, just simple to follow GitHub actions that get you off the ground.

Migration Landing Zone

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Funded assessment of current architecture


Migration and adoption of serverless, compute-based architecture


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