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Our team of Data experts integrate to your business roadmap, working together, in lockstep, from strategy to execution. We’ll help you identify the data challenges and opportunities you face, then work closely with our partners at AWS, to deliver cloud solutions that have a big impact on your business.

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Workload Optimisation and Improved Audit Logging using Amazon Redshift

Unlock the potential of your SMB data and analytics with Firemind and AWS

Your business captures statistics, quantitative data, and valuable information from multiple customer-facing and internal channels. But finding key insights, then visualising the data that matters most, takes careful analysis and experience.

Our ongoing partnership with AWS, coupled with our specialist knowledge in a range of data services, ensures we can provide any SMB with a solution that accelerates their data journey.

Cost efficiency

One of the primary reasons for SMBs to use the cloud is cost efficiency. AWS services operate on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing SMBs to avoid upfront infrastructure costs and only pay for the resources they actually use. This eliminates the need for large capital investments in hardware, software licenses, and maintenance, making the cloud an affordable option for SMBs with limited budgets.

Scalability & flexibility

AWS cloud services offer scalability and flexibility, enabling SMBs to easily adjust their computing resources based on their changing needs. Whether a business experiences sudden growth or seasonal fluctuations in demand, the cloud allows for quick scaling up or down of resources. This ensures that SMBs can efficiently accommodate increased workloads without the need to invest in additional infrastructure.

Enhanced collaboration

The AWS cloud provides SMBs with collaborative tools and remote access capabilities, facilitating seamless collaboration among team members regardless of their physical location. Cloud-based productivity suites, project management tools, and file-sharing platforms enable real-time collaboration, improving efficiency and allowing SMBs to embrace remote work models, which have become increasingly important in recent times.

Data backup

SMBs often lack the resources to implement comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery systems. AWS services offer automated backup solutions and robust disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring that critical business data is securely stored and can be quickly restored in the event of an unforeseen incident. This minimises the risk of data loss and significantly improves business continuity.

Increased security

AWS invests heavily in security measures, often employing dedicated teams of experts to protect their infrastructure and customer data. By leveraging AWS, SMBs can benefit from enterprise-grade security measures, including data encryption, regular security updates, and access controls. This helps SMBs mitigate security risks and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their sensitive information.

Competitive edge

Adopting cloud technology allows SMBs to level the playing field with larger competitors. AWS cloud services provide access to advanced tools, technologies, and computing power that may have been previously inaccessible to SMBs due to cost constraints. This enables SMBs to innovate, rapidly develop and deploy new services, and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Our SMB data & analytics journey

Alongside AWS, we provide the broadest selection of analytics services that fit all your data analytics needs. Enabling SMBs, of all industries, to reinvent their business with data.

From data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, log analytics, streaming analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning (ML) to anything in between. We offer purpose-built services that provide the best price-performance, scalability and cost saving opportunities.


Modernise your data infrastructure

Purpose-built databases are designed and optimised to perform specific tasks or handle specific types of data. They are an important part of a modern data strategy as they improve the efficiency, speed, and reliability of data management and analysis.

We use AWS services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora and Amazon DynamoDB, when building your backend systems that are used to store, manage, update, and analyse data, for all types of applications.

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Data lakes

Break down data siloes and enable easy analytics

Empower your users to collaborate and analyse data in different ways, leading to faster (and better) decision making. With data lakes, you can store your data as-is, without the pain of having to restructure and format. Opening doors to ML integration and unified data access.

Firemind uses AWS services such as Amazon S3, AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue, to build scalable, cost effective and fully serverless data lakes. We help you deploy infrastructures almost instantly, leading to a more productive and flexible data team.

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Unlocking valuable insights with analytic best practices

For both current and predictive analytics, AWS provides a broad set of machine learning services and tools that run on your data lake. AWS analytics services leverage proven machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, to help you gain deeper and faster insights from your data.

We use specific AWS services such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena and Amazon Kinesis, to enable a modern analytical approach that matches your modern data strategy needs.

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A closer look

At Firemind's analytics services

Enabling a data-driven culture is the hardest obstacle on the path to a data-driven organisation, according to 92% of US companies.

By empowering your team to use more advanced analytical services and visualisations, you can propel your businesses predictive capabilities, as well overall business reporting features.

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