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Creating a data and analytics platform for Premier League

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Creating a data and analytics platform for Premier League

Meet Premier League

The Premier League is the organising body of the Premier League football division, with responsibility for the competition, its rule book and the centralised broadcast and commercial rights.

They work proactively and constructively with Member Clubs and the other football authorities to improve the quality of football, both in England and across the world.

Fresh UX/UI

With a Datastore to house all Premier League football statistics.

Business Challenges

With such an extensive and ever adapting amount of data across matches, player stats and live broadcasts, Premier League were met with the many challenges of managing such data in a controllable manner.

Why us?

Premier league needed the help of specialists in data and analytical management. With the ability to create a living and breathing datastore which could be accessed by multiple users, across multiple clubs, all over the UK.

Firemind being both data experts as well as native cloud users, could create such a platform which could service Premier League’s data and analytical needs.

Our solution

What started as a simpler project to enhance an analytical and business intelligence platform quickly scaled into a modernised user controlled reporting and analytical platform. Providing visualisation of data for the Premier League, the member Clubs and official stakeholders.

This enabled the Premier League to make evidence based decisions and modernise access of Premier League assets using secure, cloud based technologies.

Firemind x Premier League

We caught up with Steve Palmer, Head of Data Solutions at Premier League, to discuss the ongoing data project with Firemind. We touch on why Firemind was selected as a partner of choice, how we’ve built an agile and adaptable team and what’s on the horizon for Premier League data needs.

Added value

The Firemind data team and developers worked closely with Premier League to build not only a datastore that could match their expectations for player statistics, but was also designed with the user in mind. Providing an easy to navigate and customisable experience, based on the teams and manager access.


More access to scalable databases, harnessing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Secure Environment

Harnessing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to provide secure and resizable computable space in the cloud.

Scalable Databases

Recognising and using Amazon Relational Database Service to simplify the setup, operation and scaling of relational databases within applications.

User Experience

Building strong UI to simplify the viewer experience in a streamlined platform.

Client Satisfaction

“We have received outstanding service from Firemind in all our AWS related work. The knowledge base appears to be of a very high standard and the customer support has been quick, fluid and extremely personable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Firemind to any other company with similar values and expectations as ourselves.”

Steve Palmer

Head of Data Solutions

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