ServiceAI & ML

AI & ML powered invoice process with 95% matching success rates

ServiceAI & ML

AI & ML powered invoice process with 95% matching success rates

Meet Vodafone

The Vodafone Group PLC are a British multinational telecommunications company that operate globally. They serve millions of people worldwide with networks, mobile contracts, business accounts and extensive telecommunication services.

3 Minutes

Average matching time per invoice.

Business Challenges

Firemind embarked on a proof of value project with the goal of eradicating repetitive work tasks and transforming Vodafone’s invoicing processing system within their business operational model.

Their current system of invoice reconciliation was time consuming, unproductive and led to inefficient practices laboured with human errors and inconsistencies.

Why us?

Vodafone needed to partner with an AWS consultancy that understood the frustrations of manual and human-led processes. As Firemind had valuable experience working on projects of a similar nature, Vodafone knew that they could us our AI & ML specialisation to enhance their current workflow.

Our solution

We built a customisable and automated invoice processing system which overlapped our client’s existing reporting workflow relating to finance and invoices. Allowing for a polished and efficient end-to-end view of all the finance information relating to their global services.

We integrated Amazon Textract and Amazon SageMaker to allow text and data extraction from invoices to be fed through a fully trained data model.

Added value

The Firemind solution showcased the benefits of automated invoice reconciliation whilst also deploying an intelligent, ML powered confidence scoring system.


Matching success rate across a range of invoices.

Cloud Adoption

Stepping away from internal servers to house data and instead switch to cloud services for faster data processing and management.

Reduced error

From human understanding to ML & AI processes, error rates swiftly reduced and consistent invoice matching rose exponentially.

Free up time

One of the biggest impacts of the solution was freeing up valuable accountancy time for Vodafone employees.

Client Satisfaction

“We have partnered with Firemind on several projects where the use of AWS has been core to the delivery of a solution. The team has always proven to be knowledgeable and adaptable, allowing us to achieve the best possible results in our projects, in a timely and cost effective way.”

Jas Moorley

Head of VBG COE

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