Date Published
January 26, 2021

Harry Passes the AWS Certified Associate Developer Exam

We’re delighted to share that Harry Barden, Software Developer here at Firemind, has passed his AWS Certified Associate Developer exam!

As his role is focused on development, client builds and understanding and developing with a wealth of programming technologies, this examination pass is a big deal!

Harry’s gone and done it! 🤜   🤛

We caught up with Harry this morning to find out what it was like as well as how this new accreditation will have an impact on his future role and personal growth within Firemind.

Harry Barden passes the AWS Certified Associate Developer exam

Q & A 💬

Why did you decide to take this exam?

As my role in the company is very development focused, I know the importance of learning new skills and testing my capabilities at every possible opportunity. I’ve had my sights set on this examination since starting last year.

What does this result mean to you?

It means that the preparation and study as well as utilising my practical experience with AWS has really paid off! This win makes me look towards the next step in my accreditations and journey with both Firemind and AWS.

How will it help you in your work/career?

I feel this accreditation will open up more opportunities for study, self improvement and applying AWS best practices and tools to client projects.

What’s the next exam you are going for?

Next up will be the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. This exam will be a great way to look at my experience designing available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant and scalable distributed systems on AWS.

Were there any useful tools/sites that helped with the preparation?

I looked at a range of white papers, Udemy theory courses as well as insightful YouTube tutorials from previous years.

Sights set on 2022

With more and more of our team carving a path into AWS achievements, accreditations and certifications, we’re looking forward to not only expanding our team knowledge but also growing our specialist product, development and cloud engineering departments.

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist