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April 12, 2023

Firemind has been awarded the AWS Retail Competency

We're now recognised as an AWS Retail Competency Partner, signifying our expertise and specialisation in the retail sector. Over the years, we've helped retail businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, whether through supply chain and distribution modernisation, retail data analytics or core retail business applications. Read on for further details on this achievement and what it means to our current and future retail customers.

Delighted to announce our latest AWS Competency

The AWS Retail Competency is a recognition program by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that identifies and validates partners who have demonstrated significant technical expertise in delivering innovative solutions for the retail industry. Firemind has been accepted due to our proven capabilities and experience in helping retail customers leverage AWS services, to address specific challenges and drive their desired business outcomes.

The AWS Retail Competency program focuses on several key areas within the retail industry, each of which are fundamental to many of our retail customer projects, including e-commerce, supply chain management, customer engagement, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By being a recognised retail partner, we’ve shown a deep domain expertise in these areas as well as demonstrated a strong track record of delivering successful solutions for retail customers using AWS services.

What it means to our customers

Becoming a recognised Retail Services Competency Partner with AWS is testament to the hard work and skilled expertise within Firemind. But how can this recognition provide value to our growing retail customer base? Below, we’ve listed four of the main areas we’ve benefitted our customers, along with a few of the AWS services that make cloud transformation a reality:

Data analytics and personalisation – With Amazon Redshift, our customers receive a fast and fully managed data warehouse for data analytics, enabling them to analyse large volumes of customer data and gain insights for personalised marketing and product recommendations. Coupled with Amazon QuickSight, we provide businesses an intelligence tool for creating interactive data visualisations and dashboards to monitor sales, inventory, and other key retail metrics in real-time.

Supply chain and inventory management – Amazon S3 Inventory helps retailers track and manage inventory across different storage classes, providing insights into inventory levels, changes, and trends. And Amazon DynamoDB ensures a managed NoSQL database for real-time, low-latency, and high-scale data storage and retrieval, which can be used for supply chain and inventory management. Top this off with Amazon Forecast and you have machine learning capabilities for demand forecasting, helping retailers optimise inventory levels, reduce ‘stockouts’, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Customer engagement and loyalty – Services like Amazon Lex allow for AI automations that understand customer intent, maintain context, and automate simple tasks across multiple languages. Meanwhile, Amazon Kendra can provide fine-tuned search results based on content attributes, freshness, user behaviour, and more. Our customers can also leverage Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) via AWS Comprehend and Amazon Textract, to analyse customer sentiment from engagements and customer surveys.

E-commerce and digital transformation – Using Amazon ECS provides scalable compute resources for running e-commerce websites, applications, and databases. And with Amazon S3 for storage, our customers can have scalable and cost-effective object storage for storing product images, videos, and other media assets. Amazon RDS is also a popular option for our retail customers, allowing managed relational databases for applications such as product catalog management and inventory management.

A word from our Managing Director

“From inventory management, supply chain demands, customer loyalty, personalisation and scalability of e-commerce and purchasing needs, retail businesses are facing more and more complex challenges, to which AWS and Firemind can help.

At Firemind, we support customers day-to-day, to navigate these challenges and overcome them, via a modern data strategy and modernised AWS infrastructure. We’re delighted to receive the accreditation of AWS Retail Services Competency Partner to our consultancy, and thank our colleagues at AWS for their support, as well as to our team for their continued hard work and commitment.”

Ahmed Nuaman
Managing Director

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