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May 22, 2023

Firemind has been awarded the AWS Migration Services Competency

Another one in the bag! We’re AWS Migration Services Competency Partners

Firemind is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, specialising in data, analytics and AI/ML. Our AWS designations span over 16 Service Delivery Programs, as well as 5 Competencies which include DevOps, Retail, and Machine Learning.

We’re AWS all-in, working closely with the AWS teams and services that support our customer’s cloud infrastructures and workflows.

The AWS Migration Services Competency highlights Firemind’s ability to accelerate a customers cloud adoption journey, by providing business expertise, migration and modernisation tools, education, and support.

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What it means to our customers

Achieving the AWS Migration Competency highlights Firemind’s focus on providing tailored migrations for a wide variety of business types across multiple sectors. To date, our migration capabilities have supported complex machine learning models, database modernisations as well as full modernisation with IaC. Here’s the main benefits this new Competency brings to our customer base:

Expertise and Experience: We possess specialised knowledge and extensive experience in migrating applications and infrastructure to the AWS cloud, with a deep understanding of AWS services, best practices, and migration strategies. Leveraging our expertise can help our customers navigate complex migration scenarios more efficiently and effectively.

Accelerated Migration Process: Partnering with an AWS Migration competency partner like Firemind can speed up your migration journey. We’ve developed proven methodologies and tools that streamline the migration process, reducing risks and minimising downtime. For more details, why not find out more about our Migration Landing Zone and Data Landing Zone. We can easily identify potential challenges in advance, and provide appropriate solutions, resulting in faster and smoother migrations.

Cost Optimisation: We can help our customers optimise costs during the migration process. Analysing your existing infrastructure, identifying opportunities for cost savings, and suggesting appropriate AWS services and pricing models. By leveraging our expertise, you can ensure that your migration is not only technically sound but also financially efficient.

Reduced Risks and Increased Security: At Firemind, we prioritise security and compliance during the migration process. We have a deep understanding of AWS security services and features and can help you design and implement robust security controls. This knowledge in risk assessment and mitigation can significantly reduce the chances of data breaches and ensure that your migrated workloads meet regulatory requirements.

Continuous Support and Monitoring: Partnering with an AWS Migration competency partner provides ongoing support and monitoring after the migration. We help you optimise and fine-tune your AWS environment, address any post-migration challenges, and ensure that your workloads are running optimally. From troubleshooting technical issues to providing guidance on new AWS services and updates, Firemind has you covered.

A word from our Managing Director

“We’re proud to announce our achievement of the AWS Migration Consulting Competency, demonstrating our commitment to helping businesses adopt modern data strategies. This accolade from Amazon Web Services attests to our technical proficiency and proven customer success in cloud migration.

Our open source toolkits significantly reduce migration complexity and accelerate time-to-value for our clients. These customisable accelerators speed up the migration process, enabling faster realisation of benefits such as agility, efficiency, and innovation. We’re dedicated to making our clients’ transition to the cloud as seamless and beneficial as possible.”

Ahmed Nuaman
Managing Director

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