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April 20, 2023

Firemind has been awarded the AWS Machine Learning Services Competency

We're delighted to announce that Firemind has been awarded the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Services Competency. What does this highlight about the specialist team we're building? And how does it impact our current and future customers?

It’s official! We’re AWS validated machine learning specialists

Firemind is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, specialising in data, analytics and AI/ML. Our AWS designations span over 14 Service Delivery Programs, as well as Competencies including DevOps, Retail, and now ML Services. We’re AWS all-in, working closely with the AWS teams and services that support our customer’s cloud infrastructures and workflows.

The AWS ML Services Competency differentiates Firemind as a validated machine learning partner, with extensive ML capabilities, a track-record of building successful ML solutions, and delivering customer successes through ML case studies, for a wide range of customers. Firemind has undergone extensive validation in our machine learning practices, to ensure our team has met the vigorous standards of technical proficiency set by AWS.

We’re enabling customers to realise smarter, more automated and self-trained workflows. Over the years, insight gathering and visualisation from ML has led to informed decision-making, revenue increase, significant speed improvements, cost reductions, an increase in accuracy and removing manual effort required from top experts in the business.

Learn more via our public case studies.

Firemind at the QBR - AWS Offices - April 2023
Firemind celebrating our Competencies at the AWS London office

What it means to our customers

At Firemind, we see machine learning adoption and scaling, as a critical step in unlocking significant business value. Value that can be built across organisations, saving them significant time and resource, whilst providing the ability to deliver on their overall machine learning strategy.

Simply put – organisations that are forward thinking and on the path of becoming data-driven, towards smarter workflows and processes that can be trained and automated, will reap the rewards in the years to come.

Firemind runs multiple workshops that enable our customers. Providing a tailored 3-6-9-month plan that helps adopt (and/or scale) ML to ‘business-as-usual’ customer needs. From leveraging AWS managed services to custom models, we work interlocked, to achieve organisation success. Our proven open-sourced ML Toolkit allows us to deliver ML business use cases that follow AWS best practices, within accelerated sprints.

Here’s just a few of the benefits our customers can expect from our machine learning specialisation:

Better decision making – Machine learning algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data to provide businesses with actionable insights and predictions, helping them make informed decisions. For example, Amazon Forecast, an AWS service, uses machine learning to generate demand forecasts, allowing businesses to optimise their supply chain, inventory management, and pricing strategies to meet customer demand more accurately.

Automated workflows – Machine learning enables customers to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as data entry, data analysis and fraud detection. Freeing up employees to focus on higher-value activities. As an example, with Intelligent Document Processing, leveraging AWS Comprehend, Textract, SageMaker and Lambda, customers can automate their entire invoice processing flows.

Enhanced customer experience – Machine learning algorithms can analyse large amounts of customer data to identify patterns and trends, allowing businesses to personalise their offerings, recommendations, and interactions. Amazon Personalize, an AWS service, uses machine learning to create personalised product recommendations for users based on their browsing and purchase history, helping businesses provide a more tailored and engaging customer experience.

A word from our Managing Director

“As a customer obsessed consultancy, we are thrilled to be awarded the AWS ML Services Competency, from having delivered so many successes for our customers and showcasing the hard work and commitment from our team. Machine learning (ML) is now becoming the norm, when it comes to solving a wide selection of customer challenges. And we look forward to enabling more customers in the coming years, when leveraging the capabilities of machine learning.

Being recognised as an AWS ML Services Competency Partner is a fantastic way to shout about our customer obsessed machine learning projects, as well as the team’s commitment to leveraging AWS services to their highest standards.”

Ahmed Nuaman
Managing Director

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