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November 15, 2023

Meet Deep Doradla, our New Senior Data Engineer

It's an exciting day for us as we welcome a new Senior Data Engineer to the team. Deep has a wonderfully varied professional background, covering a variety of previous roles in an equally impressive array of businesses.

Deep, it’s a pleasure to have you join us! 🥳

As a Senior Data Engineer, Deep will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and managing the architecture of data systems within both our organisation as well as those of our customers. His wealth of experience will ensure that we can continue to deliver the very best in data architecture, design, integration, processing, modelling and data pipeline development.

“The focus on engineering and designing the architecture for data and Generative AI projects, really hit the spot for me.”

Here’s what Deep had to say when we sat down with him for his Q & A.

Q & A 💬

Hello and welcome Deep to the Firemind team! It’s great to have you with us. For our viewers, could you please tell us a little about yourself and your professional background?

Hey, I’m Deep, an entrepreneur at heart, that graduated in Bioinformatics. When graduating, I realised business and IT was my ‘thing’, and so I completed my Masters in Business in IT. I’ve always loved entrepreneurship, which lured me into co-founding a Startup called SmartLoyal, a mobile loyalty application. It’s here where I learnt to code, created web and mobile applications, worked on sales, marketing, user experience and design, as well as looked for investments. Taking on everything that is needed in any Startup. As with many Startups, SmartLoyal had to come to an end, but I exited with some great learnings.

I then moved to the world of Big Data, joining Cloudwick. It’s here where I started my data career deploying Hortonworks clusters across on-premise and the cloud (specifically Amazon Web Services), before transitioning into a Data Engineer role. I am fortunate to have worked with some amazing teams, at companies like Cloudiwck, UKDA, Nordea Bank, SMS, Lloyds Bank, BGC Partners and Alluxio. During this time, I have worked in many different capacities, from Senior to Lead Data Engineer, as well as a Senior Solutions Architect (and now finally planting my feet at Firemind).

How did you find out about us and what made you decide to apply for a role with Firemind?

I was looking for an opportunity where I could both lead and work on an end-to-end data project on the cloud. I came across Firemind’s advertisement and I applied over LinkedIn, before receiving a call from their CTO, Ben Wheeler. He gave me a great overview of what the company is working on and it’s vision for the future, and also asked me if I was happy to work on both engineering and architecture (this is what I love and definitely my sweet spot). This along with the companies focus towards data and Generative AI projects, really hit the spot for me.

Which areas of our business interested you the most?

Firstly, the strategic alignment with AWS, and then the growth acceleration phase that Firemind is currently in. I particularly enjoy this phase because things tend to be very fast and exciting. One generally gets to witness interesting business strategies at this phase, fuelling the most learning for both the organisation and for the employees.

What is your role here at Firemind?

I’m the new Senior Data Engineer.

What will be your main goals/objectives whilst working at Firemind?

Applying my experience into Firemind’s many projects, sharing with fellow team members and delivering value to our customers. And as a direct result, i’ll be learning from all the interactions with the customers and fellow team members. This should ultimately result in improving both my people and leadership skills.

What do you hope to achieve within your first 12 months here?

I hope to play an instrumental role in Firemind’s growth in the next 12 months, by establishing strong relationships with customers and my new colleagues. I would also aim to grow my technical, people and leadership skills during this time.

Outside of work, what do you get up to? Tell us about your hobbies.

Outside of work, I do many different things. From spending time with my wife and daughter, to pushing very hard to go to gym. I also love to cook (as I’m a bit of a foodie) and I enjoy watching movies and series, between all these activities.

Any fun nicknames we should know about? If Yes, what’s the backstory?

Just Deep. In India, it is called light, already a very short name. 😊

If you could only choose one dish to eat every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Such a difficult question! I love so many dishes, one item is not enough!

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Travelling to and exploring Switzerland.

What is one skill you would really love to learn?

There’s actually two main skills I’d love to learn. Playing the guitar is up first, followed by the ability to create some killer powerpoint presentations. 🤣

How do you normally wind down after work?

After work, I return home and go straight to my daughter and play with her, before settling down to have dinner with my wife. Then we usually watch something on the TV we both enjoy.

Interested in a role with Firemind?

We’re growing at a rapid pace and are constantly looking for talented individuals to come and join our team.

Visit our Careers page for further details about the Firemind culture.

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist