AI-Powered Document Reasoning and Q&A

Boost team productivity by up to 66% with AI-powered document reasoning and Q&A

The Challenge

Coping with the complexity of document processing is a common challenge for businesses, consuming time and increasing the risk of errors. Our AI-Powered Document Reasoning and Q&A solution analyses documents, identifies critical details, and enables effortless question-and-answer exchanges to reduce manual document handling inefficiencies and embrace streamlined operations and decisive actions.


Discover how our generative AI solution can reason over legal agreements, providing insightful answers to questions around interest rates and termination.

Featured Highlights

Accurate Document Analysis

Extracts crucial information precisely from unstructured documents, removing the need for manual data mining.

Smart Decision

Efficiently categorises documents and offers timely insights, speeding up decision-making.


Automates tasks and starts workflows based on document content, cutting operational bottlenecks.

Proactive Risk Management

Identifies issues and anomalies in documents, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies.

How It Works

Document Submission
You begin by uploading the document you want to analyse into our system.

Comprehensive Analysis
Our system employs sophisticated natural language understanding and machine learning algorithms to thoroughly examine the content of the document.

Information Extraction
During the analysis, the system extracts key details such as names, dates, and other relevant information essential to your query.

Question Formulation
Once the document has been processed, you have the opportunity to formulate questions or prompts based on the content.

Intelligent Response
Using the extracted information and its understanding of the document, the system provides accurate and insightful responses to your questions.

Interactive Interface
You can engage with the system through a user-friendly interface designed for seamless question-and-answer interactions.

Continuous Learning
As you interact with the system and provide feedback, it continuously learns and improves its understanding and response accuracy over time.

Proactive Insights
Additionally, the system proactively identifies any potential issues or anomalies within the document, offering valuable insights for risk management purposes.

This comprehensive process ensures efficient document analysis and enhances decision-making capabilities, ultimately empowering you to extract valuable insights and make well-informed decisions.

Responsibility Considerations

Transparency and Accountability: Our AI-Powered Document Reasoning and Q&A solution prioritises transparency and accountability. Users are informed about the AI-driven insights, with clear labelling and disclaimers.

Confidence in Results: While our solution doesn’t offer a confidence score, users can trust the reliability of insights derived directly from their uploaded documents.

Acknowledging Limitations: Users are urged to recognise AI model limitations, especially for critical decisions. This encourages discretion alongside system use.

Continuous Monitoring: Ongoing performance monitoring, particularly for risks or fraud, maintains decision-making integrity. This proactive approach upholds accountability and ensures reliable outcomes.

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