Firemind provides AWS led technology offerings that accelerate a retailers’ modernisation and innovation journey

From customer engagement analysis, supply chain and distribution analytics, to physical, digital and virtual store data. Firemind works heavily within the retail sector, advancing retail data science and automating core retail business applications. Retail Competency Partners like Firemind, offer full strategy and deployment services to retailers, helping accelerate their digital transformation.

Core retail business applications

Providing solutions that cover multiple areas of retail frameworks, including Legal, IT, Human Resources, Procurement, Employee Management and Finance.

Advanced data science

Combining data lakes, AI/ML integration and analytical solutions, to improve operational efficiency, engagement and customer insights.

Digital store enhancements

Next-gen solutions to transform, modernise and enable a unified retail experience for end users.

Supply chain and distribution

Working alongside retailers to significantly enhance Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Customer engagement

AWS backed solutions to enhance and automate marketing, advertising and CRM workflows. Helping retailers attract and retain new customers.

Corporate planning

Cloud solutions that enable smarter analytics and predictive capabilities for stock replenishment, category and vendor management as well as merchandising assistance.

Understanding the market

As an AWS cloud specialist, we understand the many challenges faced by the retail industry, when looking to solve unique challenges using cloud services. Whether it’s ensuring cost efficiency across multiple platforms, or providing a scalable infrastructure that can expand and contract, based on seasonal sales cycles. We use a simple 3 step strategy to ensure we meet your challenges head-on, providing business value through a measured and tested process.

Stage 1

Goal selection

We’ll work closely with your specialist team to define your cloud goals, the challenges you face and the timeframes you have for completion.

Stage 2

Solution creation

We’ll provide your team with a pod of Firemind specialists. Consisting of Engineers, Architects and Data Specialists. Designing and testing an infrastructure and workflow that tackles your needs.

Stage 3

Refinement and production

Finally, our team refines the solution, ensuring each stage is secured, highly governed and scalable for your future requirements.

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