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End-to-end support for migrating, running, and optimising your AWS infrastructure.

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Practices, techniques and tools used for operational management of large language models.

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Operational excellence in the cloud

Discover hassle-free operations and expert guidance with our Managed Services and LLMOps, helping your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Why you need Managed Services

Cost Saving

Employ AWS cost optimisation strategies to minimise expense and maximise ROI, ensuring efficient resource utilisation and budget control.


Implement robust AWS security measures to safeguard sensitive data and infrastructure, including encryption, access controls and threat detection mechanisms to ensure compliance.


Utilise AWS automation tools and best practices to streamline workflows, reduce manual intervention and accelerate time-to-value for new features and services.

Incident Management

Utilise AWS monitoring and alerting solutions to proactively identify and address potential issues, minimising downtime and optimise system reliability through fast incident response.

Merging Managed Services & LLMOps

Merging Managed Services with LLMOps to enable organisations to successfully scale their generative AI workloads.

Your trusted advisor

With our Managed Services offering, we work with 8 key areas.


Fixing issues when they come up.


Being ahead of the issues.


Using Cloud native tools for improved availability & resilience.

Incident escalation

Escalated to the team that delivered the original project.

Cost Management

Cost Management and optimisation of your workloads.

Lowered risk

Budgeting with predictable monthly charges instead of variable.


Security best practice at every level.

DevOps approach

Fix the source in the repository.

One of the most recognised AWS partners globally

With over 30 AWS accreditations and proven success in many different industries and use cases, we are one of the most recognised partners globally, highlighting our experience in AWS Managed Services.

4+ Years

Since 2020, Firemind have been supporting the Premier League with AWS Support and development across multiple projects.

Case Study

Creating a data and analytics platform for Premier League

“We have received outstanding service from Firemind in all our AWS related work. The knowledge base appears to be of a very high standard and the customer support has been quick, fluid and extremely personable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Firemind to any other company with similar values and expectations as ourselves.”

Steve Palmer

Head of Data Solutions

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Large Language Model Ops (LLMOps)

Large Language Model Ops (LLMOps) encompasses the practices, techniques and tools used for the operational management of large language models in production environments.

We helps customers integrate LLMs into the operations. LLMOps manages the lifecycle of LLMs, covering experimentation, deployment, and continuous improvement.


Our proven methodology.

Infrastructure Management

Managing the infrastructure and tools for deploying and maintaining AI models, managing service quotas and limits.​


Evaluate your LLMs performance against other LLMs and industry benchmarks for quality and efficiency. ​

Customisation and Integration

Tailoring AI solutions to fit specific business needs and integrate with existing workflows and systems.​

Performance and Cost Optimisation

Retraining with new data, fine-tuning, optimising algorithms, cost optimisation, speed and latency.​


Monitor performance, accuracy, drift, precision, recall and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)​.

Support and Maintenance

Troubleshooting issues and updating models if required. Fine tuning.​

Expertise in AI operations

Specialised knowledge in managing and operationalising AI models.

AWS UKI Rising Star
of the Year

We achieved the AWS UKI Rising Star of the Year 2023 award in recognition for our work at the forefront of generative AI on AWS.

2x Generative AI Competencies

We were a launch partner for the generative AI competencies and were one of the first in the world to achieve both AWS generative AI competencies.

Generative AI

Learn more about Generative AI on AWS

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Yes, we can help you get your data into the best format for the LLMs to leverage in your AI applications. Techniques like data cleaning, resolving missing values, reducing noise, deduplication, normalisation and tokenisation can be employed. Vector stores such as OpenSearch, Kendra and some databases can be utilised for RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) for adding domain specific information to the answers that the LLMs can provide.

We can help you assess the best model for your use-case. LLMs can be utilised from open source and proprietary across differing input types such as text and images.

We provide flexible solutions for model training, deployment and hosting, including Amazon Bedrock, Amazon SageMaker, AWS Inferentia and AWS Trainium.

We can configure User Interaction Analysis to provide this information. We can monitor refusals (where users may be attempting to jailbreak the LLM or the responses are low value), in addition to sentiment and toxicity with other tools. Semantic similarity between the prompt and the response can also be measured to understand effectiveness and usage.

Our ethical AI processes can assist with ensuring the LLMs align with ethical guidelines and societal norms by monitoring toxicity and sentiment. Guardrails can filter harmful content and stop topics being discussed that are not allowed and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be redacted and blocked.

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