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April 30, 2024

PULSE: Generative AI using AWS powered by Firemind

Firemind’s UKI AWS Rising Star award of 2023, was a validation of our rapid growth as the go-to partner and AWS thought leader for both data and AI. In 2024, we have continued to drive forward our mission to accelerate digital transformation and business growth with the latest iteration of our generative AI solution, PULSE.


Working backwards from over 200 AWS implementations have enabled Firemind to grow PULSE from a generative AI accelerator to a standalone application for customers that want to explore and expand their own generative AI solutions. The partnership between Firemind and AWS empowers customers to leverage the power of generative AI benefitting from the security, scale and breadth of choice offered on the AWS platform.

A Strategic Alliance: Collaboration with AWS

PULSE seamlessly integrates with AWS services inheriting the security, scalability, and reliability synonymous with the AWS cloud platform. PULSE has been built following the principles of the AWS Well Architected Framework and AWS’s foundational technical review to give our customers the confidence to build production-ready generative AI solutions on AWS.

PULSE’s Evolved Feature Set

The latest PULSE iteration includes a range of enhanced features that build upon prior successes. Key advancements include:

Deployment Flexibility: PULSE can be deployed via AWS Marketplace directly by the customer as well as being deployed as part of a professional services agreement where it can be used as a ramp for further customisation.

Expanded Inference Capabilities: PULSE supports real-time chat style and infinite-context batch style inference, providing a comprehensive Gen AI solution for enterprises to manage a number of scenarios for their data.

Diverse Model Selection: PULSE offers the wide selection of Large Language Models (LLMs) offered on Amazon Bedrock including Anthropic Claude, Mistral, AI21 and Amazon Titan models, allowing customers to select the best LLMs for their specific requirements.

Well Architected: PULSE is an AWS Well-Architected, operationally supported solution that helps organisations understand their needs and get the best value from data, AI, and ML. It is built with security, reliability, performance, cost optimization, and sustainability in mind.

Scalable Licensing: Firemind offers PULSE as a licensable product, empowering enterprises to scale usage in tandem with their evolving needs.

Accelerated Development: PULSE serves as a development launchpad, enabling Firemind’s team to initially test then build out bespoke solutions supported by AWS funding only available to AWS Generative AI Competency partners (Firemind is the first partner globally to hold both the Services and Software versions of this competency).

Our PULSE dashboard, with prompt history and chat sessions.

Real-world impact and advantages

PULSE has already exhibited its transformative potential across a range of diverse industries. Examples include:

• Competitor benchmarking solution for a Global Asset Management firm which has saved an estimated 50 hours per employee per month.

• A price comparison website-based business used PULSE to rapidly extract key insights from extensive customer feedback and investigate issues such as drop-offs and unexpected events. With an estimated $1.5m a year in operational cost savings (once in production).

• Helping an insurance company understand their compliance based on FCA guidance in dealing with vulnerable customers and uplifting the existing customer service practice to increase NPS.

Typical PULSE engagement model

Deploying via the AWS Marketplace:

Customers may choose to self-serve their deployment by purchasing their PULSE license and deployment via the AWS Marketplace. This provides them with the latest version of PULSE, and through a subscription model provides them with updates as they are made in the production release.

Customised Professional Services Engagements:

PULSE is built in a modular fashion, allowing it to be extended to suite a wide range of customer needs and requirements. This approach is coupled with Firemind’s Data and AI MSP, to provide enterprise grade support in addition to the professional engagements.


Firemind’s PULSE represents a transformative leap in enterprise adoption of generative AI by leveraging AWS and integrating cutting-edge technologies, empowering customers to unlock the full potential of AI safely, quickly, and responsibly, driving operational efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and innovation.

To learn more about PULSE, click here, or contact the Firemind team directly.

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