Your superpower to drive improved decision-making and business outcomes by the analysis and visualisation of data.

Our team of data architects, data engineers, data scientists and visualisation experts integrate to your business roadmap, working together, in lockstep, from strategy to execution. We’ll help you identify new business opportunities, challenges, and risks from your data. Data can provide meaningful insights, but the ability to see and use those insights (becoming data-driven) requires adoption, encouragement, belief, and mitigation measures, on an organisational level.

Our team can help you throughout our journey, supporting a data culture that equips your leaders with the right tools and knowledge. Ensuring your data team and engineers are trained for the processes and tools needed.

For your data journey, our data strategy workshops consider our holistic approach to data by understanding your business targets to the build of your data platform visualisation.

Use cases include rebuilding existing ETL processes to increase efficiency, security and scalability, as well as designing net-new processes in the consumption of data, gaining the required insights for decision-making.

During this phase, our experienced team will help you explore the best approach to make the data available to all relevant parts of the business. This can be facilitated by using a data vault, data lake, dash mesh or a bespoke solution – our team will help guide you to the best suited tool for your business requirements.

Providing your organisation with the capabilities and tools, from managing your data and data lakes on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as the ability to visualise it.

Our in-house developed frameworks and tools help bring data from a plethora of data sources, regardless of method, towards a single accessible environment.

Leveraging our expertise, frameworks, tools and in-house developed accelerator, we will be able to deliver a proof-of-value using your data that can qualify the return on investment.

Where ‘out-of-the-box’ visualisation often fails, our custom built dashboards come to the rescue.

Leveraging embedded analytics, we can convert standard business intelligence dashboards into bespoke applications, fitted to your business needs.

Integration into your roadmap means looking beyond basic data and analytics. Our support will enable you to go to the next level with predictive analytics via AI/ML services.

Our AI/ML models allow for further business value via automation and the gathering of key business insights.

Data and Analytics provide significant value to businesses, by improving decision-making on macro, micro, real-time, cyclical, strategic, tactical and operational levels. Furthermore, with analytics you can unlock ‘the hidden value’ of your data to identify innovation to solutions that answer key business questions and needs.


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Via our working backwards methodology, together we scope the potential value of your data and ML use cases in collaborative sessions. Having defined shared success, we leverage our in-house accelerator, to rapidly deploy your use case.

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