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No nonsense, automated and future-proof document processing solution using AI & ML

ServiceAI & ML

No nonsense, automated and future-proof document processing solution using AI.

Meet Maidstone Borough Council

Maidstone Borough Council are a public sector authority, responsible for multiple core services for the residents of Maidstone, UK. They look after benefit schemes, recycling functions, council tax management and a wide variety of additional services, for over 170,000 residents.


Documents scanned per year, equating to 25% of all council documents.

Business Challenges

As Maidstone Borough Council provides vital services for close to 200,000 residents in the borough, the need for a more modern and cloud powered document processing flow was high on the agenda.

Both physical and digital forms arrived in abundance and the usual method of manual, human led processing was costly, error prone and often non-compliant with council standards.

Why us?

Maidstone Borough Council needed a cloud partner that could provide not only specialised AI tools to automate document processing, but also reduce costs by storing files and utilising the best features within AWS.

Firemind were able to quickly understand the challenges faced by the Council, draw up the necessary infrastructure and workflow as well as build and test before launching the solution.

Our solution

We developed and launched a three pronged approach:

  • Using a natural-language processing service (NLP) called Amazon Comprehend to simplify the document processing workflow. Extracting the relevant text and details from forms and using machine learning to find the connections.
  • Perfecting an Amazon Textract process that enabled printed text as well as handwriting extraction, working in unison with Amazon Comprehend.
  • Allowing for language translation within scanned documents by using Amazon Translate.

Added value

Firemind’s solution provided Maidstone Borough Council with a more seamless, intuitive and reliable workflow for document ingestion and processing.


Savings made per annum, freeing up time and resources on other council projects.

More time

Turning human processes into an AI & ML automation freed up valuable time for staff to work on other projects and add further value to the many varied services offered by the Council.


Using a machine learned model for accurate processing ensured all form scans and submissions were measured at the same consistent level. With consistency comes compliance. Providing a workflow that followed exact rules and parameters.

Human Error

The reduction in human error could be seen within less than a week, highlighting the benefits of a cloud solution that didn’t get tired, lose focus or make submission errors.

Client Satisfaction

“As a company, Firemind were great to work with. Helping us explore the issues and tailor a solution in a way that could be deployed quickly and at minimal cost to the council.”

Stephen McGinnes

Director of Mid Kent Services

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