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February 6, 2023

Firemind has been awarded the AWS DevOps Services Competency!

We're over the moon. We've been certified as an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, making DevOps our first competency awarded by our friends over at Amazon Web Services. In true Firemind fashion, we celebrated in style at the brand new F1 Arcade in London. Read on for further details.

DevOps in everything we do at Firemind

Businesses across the globe accelerate their time to market by optimising each stage of the software development lifecycle (AKA the practice of DevOps). Tying in development and operations into how we operate as a business, helps us to deliver applications and services at a high velocity for our customers.

As an AWS DevOps Competency Partner, we’ve demonstrated expertise in delivering DevOps solutions on AWS. We’ll help your organisation build rapidly and reliably in the cloud, managing your infrastructure and deploying with the full benefits of AWS. Firemind’s expertise, combined with our partnership with the specialist teams at AWS, can help any business, at any scale, adapt key DevOps principles.

The team celebrating the DevOps competency at F1 Arcade - London
Celebrating a podium finish for racing and being awarded an AWS Devops Competency

What it means

Becoming a recognised DevOps Competency Partner with AWS means that we’ve been able to demonstrate a high level of expertise when it comes to DevOps integration with our customer’s projects.

Simply put – we don’t work siloed. We collaborate and streamline information during the build, testing, release, planning and monitoring stages – that make up the core delivery pipeline.

Here’s the highlights of the benefits our customers receive:

An efficient management process – One centralised playbook and source of truth makes project planning and management a simplified, natural and (almost) happy process. There will always be challenges in the orchestration of any technical cloud build, but having everyone singing from the same hymn sheet makes the actioning of tasks and remediations a breeze.

Faster delivery – When the teams collaborate, we get things done much faster. Helping to deliver on time and ahead of schedule, freeing up our specialists to refine architectures, exploring deeper with testing and so on.

A better pipeline – Continuous integration (CI/CD) is a software development practice in which changes to the codebase are merged in a central repository. This practice helps our developers and engineers detect bugs faster in order to reduce the time required to address them, as well as release revamped updates.

Motivated teams – Faster, collaborative workflows keep our team engaged, challenged and ready to tackle a project, step by step. This enthusiasm and motivation trickles into our customer facing presentations, catchups handovers and support sessions, ensuring our customers get a dose of our Firemind flair.

Advanced automation – The application of DevOps to our customer projects always includes the best tools for the job. These tools bring with them automated functions that dramatically speed up workflows, freeing up our team and yours on the more important tasks.

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A word from our Managing Director

“DevOps has become a pivotal element within the majority of our deliveries. Becoming essential to unlocking the best value, with the smoothest processes, for our customers. This AWS Competency shows Firemind’s commitment to providing our customers the strongest, and most trusted capabilities, when working in the cloud. We’re excited to receive this accreditation to our consultancy, and thank our colleagues at AWS for their support, as well as to our team for their hard work and commitment.”

Ahmed Nuaman
Managing Director

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