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March 22, 2024

Firemind at the Amazon Ads New Advertising Era Conference

This week we took a trip to Amazon Ads to speak at the New Advertising Era conference. This event was held for a number of advanced partners, highlighting the importance of a good foundation, when understanding the advertising audience, as well as showcasing the use of generative AI in AdTech.

Our session

Managing Director, Ahmed Nuaman, took to the stage, alongside Laura Swire, Matt Carter and Tom Flaye.

As a leader in the field of generative AI, Ahmed led with how Amazon can maximise the use of AI to handle many of the slow, manual tasks found throughout the advertising industry, as well as Amazon’s own products. He also stated how human operators will always measure a correlation to causation, when planning using a Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) approach.

The improved availability of data, massively greater computing power, and the pressure to measure and optimise marketing spend, has driven an explosion in popularity for MMM as a marketing and advertising tool. Something that generative AI and fast LLMs will jetpack to even greater use.

Firemind’s experience

Firemind’s recently exhibited at the AWS Media & Entertainment Symposium in King’s Place. There we demonstrated a variety of solutions designed to simplify content delivery and audience engagement. We’re ready to help businesses with personalised advertising strategies to immersive advertising experiences. Be sure to get in touch.

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Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist