Full Circle Podcast

It’s time to come Full Circle. Welcome to the episode list, where we explore life as an Amazon Web Services Partner. Featuring an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how we operate, how we specialise, and how we master data, machine learning and Generative AI.

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Welcome to the Full Circle Podcast – Episode 2

Episode #02

In this episode, Ben Wheeler and Dan White take a deeper dive into the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) and prompt engineering, as well as understanding diversity, equity and inclusion within generative AI projects. They also discuss their personal interests and hobbies, including cars, lego collections, triathlon training and the health benefits of cold water dips!

Welcome to the Full Circle Podcast – Episode 1

Episode #01

We kickoff our first episode of the Full Circle Podcast with a conversation between our CCO, Dan White, and our CTO, Ben Wheeler. Learn what make's Firemind 'who we are', our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the journey into generative AI projects.