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January 18, 2024

Jodie Rhodes Joins Firemind as a Digital Marketing Assistant

Jodie is looking forward to combining her creative video production background and years of valuable sales experience to excel in her role as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Firemind. 🚀

Amazing to have you with us Jodie! 🎉

Today marks another exciting step in our journey as we continue to grow and welcome exceptional talent to our team. We are thrilled to welcome Jodie Rhodes – our new Digital Marketing Assistant!

“During my company research I was extremely impressed with the awards and competencies already gained. The fact that the business is rapidly growing excited me, and I can’t wait to be a part of such a reputable brand.”

Here’s what Jodie had to say when we sat down with her for our Q & A session.

Q & A 💬

Hello and welcome to the Firemind team! It’s great to have you with us. For our viewers, could you please tell us a little about yourself and your professional background?

Hello! I have always been a creative and love all things digital which led me to studying Video Production at university. Since then, I have had a few sales roles and took on a lot of the marketing responsibilities, so I’m now looking forward to combining all my skills and passions as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

How did you find out about us and what made you decide to apply for a role with Firemind?

I came across Firemind on LinkedIn, and during my company research was extremely impressed with the awards and competencies already gained. The fact that the business is rapidly growing excited me, and I can’t wait to be a part of such a reputable brand.

What is your role at Firemind?

I am a Digital Marketing Assistant.

Which areas of our business interested you the most?

Generative AI is everywhere at the moment, so I’m joining the company at an exciting time. My mind has always been blown by its capabilities, and I’m interested in expanding my knowledge.

What will be your main goals/objectives whilst working at Firemind?

My main objective to begin with is to adapt a tone that best suits Firemind so I can market the brand in a consistent manner, learn what makes Firemind different to our competitors, and build a strong relationship with the rest of the team to understand exactly what content is needed of us.

Which aspects of your role are you most excited about?

The thing that drew me to this role was how varied it is, and how no two days are the same. Whether it’s working on marketing campaigns, video content, attending events, working on the website and social media posts – I will constantly be challenged which I love.

What do you hope to achieve within your first 12 months here?

I would like to take a stance in offering unique ideas to contribute to the growth of the company and produce engaging content that analytically shows this growth.

Outside of work, what do you get up to? Tell us about your hobbies.

I love the gym and going for walks, but also write my own song lyrics.

What’s your favourite song on your playlist right now?

When we are together – The 1975

Any fun nicknames we should know about? If Yes, what’s the backstory?

My friends and family call me Remy – like the rat from Ratatouille as I’m a massive foody and am always on the hunt for the next meal.

If you could only choose one dish to eat every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is a hard one as I mentioned I love food, but my favourite cuisine is Italian so probably a pasta dish.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Although being a bit of an adrenaline junky – I have not yet mustered up the courage to do a skydive – but hopefully one day!

What is one skill you would really love to learn?

I am currently trying to learn how to play the guitar.

How do you wind down after work?

Probably scrolling through way too much TikTok, listening to a good podcast or working out at the gym.

Interested in a role with Firemind?

We’re growing at a rapid pace and are constantly looking for talented individuals to come and join our team.

Visit our Careers page for further details about the Firemind culture and new opportunities.

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist