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January 4, 2022

Jason Golding Joins Firemind as a Solutions Architect

Last week brought even further expansion to the Firemind team as our Solutions Architects received a plus one!

We’re delighted to welcome Jason Golding as our most recent Solutions Architect 🥳.

Meet Jason 👋

In our typical Firemind fashion, we gave Jason some time to acclimatise before taking his office photographs and finding out a little more about our latest addition.

Jason comes from a rich occupational background, with roots that stem from the non-profit sector as an IT Support and Networks Administrator for the Movember Foundation 🥸 . Within his 4 years at Movember, Jason served the Canada (Toronto), US (Los Angeles) and UK (London) offices, where he was able to migrate global teams to Office 365 and, dare we say it, Microsoft Azure.

After a successful period within the non-profit sector, Jason moved onto working with a London based MSP called Pensar as a Support Engineer. It was here that he was able to hone his consultancy and support skills, working with hundreds of clients.

Before joining Firemind, Jason had been working with another AWS Advanced Partner, aiding in the development and successful execution of Well-Architected reviews.

Jason spent 4 years working within the non-profit, Movember Foundation, as an Internal Support and Network Administrator.

Q & A 💬

So Jason, it’s been a little over a week since you joined us here at Firemind. We’d love to know, what made you make the switch?

The values and industry goals were a big appeal for the opportunity with Firemind. I was looking for new challenges, more diverse and interesting projects, as well as moving away from a sole focus on Well-Architected consulting. I also found it appealing that Firemind was quickly becoming an industry leader while based in Maidstone rather than central London, like many of its competitors.

What will be your main goals/objectives whilst working at Firemind?

I’m hoping to grow as a Solutions Architect at Firemind, whilst building out my development skills. I’ll be working toward my AWS Certified DevOps Pro early on and will continue to grow my overall experience.

With the business focusing on AI/ML, I expect I’ll spend more time in pre-sales, assisting with architecting the solutions that will address client goals and priorities, and will work to support the development team to assist in areas related to automation and serverless/microservice solutions.

I’d also like to grow my experience in the IoT space, but this will likely be dictated by the projects that come across the table at Firemind.

And last, but never least, what do you get up to outside of work?

I’ve been living in London for 2 years now. As I moved over 2 months before the COVID pandemic hit, unfortunately I’ve spent much of those 2 years in my flat, as the city dealt with lockdowns and restrictions. As things lift, I’m back out socialising, meeting new people and finally starting to explore areas of the UK.

Not too long ago, I joined an axe throwing league, a hobby I bring with me from Canada that is growing in popularity in the UK. 🪓

I also enjoy carpentry and woodworking, though space is hard to come by in London properties (and I had to leave almost all my tools in Canada). I’m hoping to find a more suitable home or a local community shop where I can get back into crafting some creative projects.

Finally, back in Canada, I worked closely with the Stemotics group in Cambridge, Ontario, using Lego and robotics to introduce children to programming concepts. It would be nice to get back into this type of work as well, either as a part-time or volunteer role.

“With the business focusing on AI/ML, I expect I’ll spend more time in pre-sales, assisting with architecting the solutions that will address client goals and priorities.”

And there you have it! We’re delighted you joined us Jason, and we can’t wait to see how you develop as you work towards the AWS Certified Devops Pro certification.

“The broad range of experience and people skills Jason has will no doubt be a credit to Firemind as we continue to grow.”

Ajish Palakadan

Chief Technology Officer

Would you like to join us?

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Sophie Ulyatt - Human Resources Manager

Sophie Ulyatt - Human Resources Manager