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August 3, 2022

Firemind Team at Boom Battle Bar

To celebrate a succesful start to Q3, the Firemind team went to the UK's number one battle bar, BOOM, to take part in a range of fun activities. We got competitive in the axe throwing event, let loose on the pool tables as well as soaked in the wide variety of tabletop games available.

Enter the battleground

It seems like only yesterday that our team was battling head-to-head at Laser Tag, and this week we celebrated a fantastic start to Q3 2022. We’ve seen new customers partner with Firemind, watched more expansive projects open up with existing customers and brought immense value through cloud architecture reviews, AI/ML integration and advanced data and analytical features.

To treat the Firemind team, we ventured to Boom Battle Bar, an immersive battleground where we could compete in axe throwing, augmented reality darts, shuffleboard, pool and more!

Seeing how hard each and every member has worked across the year, as well as forging even stronger relationships with our friends at Amazon Web Services, has been a proud moment for Firemind. We’ve had a number of new starters join the Firemind family, and watching them not only advance but flourish in their new roles, is testament to the focus and inviting culture we’re creating.

The Firemind team at Boom Battle Bar – Lakeside, UK

We’ve got some big plans for the reminder of Q3, with further investment in our in-house skillset and cloud expertise with AWS, more hires across many elements of the business and exciting projects and initiatives in the pipeline. To all the team who have lived by our company values and strived to make Firemind what it is today, we thank you all for your hard work!

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Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist