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July 21, 2023

Amazon Web Services and Its Importance to Technology

Developing IT skills and understanding the basics of the cloud is becoming a vital part of early age development. Luckily for us, Managing Director, Ahmed Nuaman, is a prominent figure in the local Scouts organisation, hosting many community talks for his troop.

Since 2021, Ahmed has been an avid volunteer of the local Scouts organisation, organising and planning regular trips, unique excursions and weekly meet-ups for a wealth of adventurers up to the age of 14.

As Managing Director of Firemind, he decided to host regular sessions for his troop, distilling essential knowledge on what the cloud is and how it works.

The Scouts organisation has been a beacon of youth development for over a century, instilling values of leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. Now more than ever, it’s essential to equip young Scouts with skills that transcend traditional boundaries. One such skill is understanding the cloud and its myriad of benefits.

Part four in our community cloud sessions with the local Scout troop. In this session, Ahmed embarked on a thrilling journey into the incredible world of Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a summarisation of previous sessions. Below is a rundown of what was covered:

Building blocks of tech magic

Cloud Computing: AWS is like a magical cloud where all your apps, games, and websites live. It’s not a fluffy cloud in the sky, but a place filled with powerful computers that work together to make things happen.

Storage Secrets: AWS has super-duper storage rooms called S3 (Simple Storage Service). These rooms keep all your photos, videos, and songs safe and ready to use whenever you want.

Unlimited Playground: AWS gives creators and developers an enormous digital playground. They can build amazing games, apps, and websites without having to buy lots of computers. It’s like having an endless supply of LEGO blocks to create anything you can dream of!

Powering your favourite apps and games

You know those awesome mobile games or streaming apps you can’t live without? AWS often powers them! Whenever you play a game or watch a show, AWS’s magic helps the game run smoothly and the videos stream without any hiccups.

Online shopping wizards

Ever wondered how you can order toys, books, and gadgets online and have them magically appear at your doorstep? Well, that’s AWS too! It helps online shops like store products, manage orders, and make sure everything arrives on time.

Supercharged internet

When you send a message on your favorite social app or video call your friends and family, AWS is making it all happen. It helps keep the internet speedy and makes sure your messages and video calls reach your loved ones instantly.

Learning and education

Even your virtual classrooms and educational apps often rely on AWS to deliver lessons, videos, and quizzes. It’s like having a friendly tutor in the cloud helping you learn new things every day!

AWS keeps tech safe

AWS takes cybersecurity seriously. It’s like a fortress with guards protecting your data and ensuring that only the right people (or apps) get access. Your personal information and digital stuff are kept safe and sound.

Building a cloud foundation of knowledge

Teaching young children the importance of the cloud is crucial as it cultivates digital literacy, equipping them to confidently navigate the increasingly digital world.

Additionally, it fosters essential skills in collaboration and communication, which are vital for interpersonal relationships and teamwork. Moreover, understanding the cloud provides access to a vast repository of resources, expanding their knowledge and learning possibilities.

It was a delight hosting this event and we look forward to the next.

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