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May 12, 2023

Amazon S3 Buckets for Beginner Cloud Users

Developing IT skills and understanding the basics of the cloud is becoming a vital part of early age development. Luckily for us, Managing Director, Ahmed Nuaman, is a prominent figure in the local Scouts organisation, hosting many community talks for his troop.

Since 2021, Ahmed has been an avid volunteer of the local Scouts organisation, organising and planning regular trips, unique excursions and weekly meet-ups for a wealth of adventurers up to the age of 14.

As Managing Director of Firemind, he decided to regular sessions for his troop, distilling essential knowledge on what the cloud is and how it works.

The Scouts organisation has been a beacon of youth development for over a century, instilling values of leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. Now more than ever, it’s essential to equip young Scouts with skills that transcend traditional boundaries. One such skill is understanding the cloud and its myriad of benefits.

In this Scout session, Ahmed embarked on an exciting journey into the world of Amazon S3 buckets. He delivered a 30 minute talk to his troop. Below you’ll find the writeup on what was discussed.

What’s an Amazon S3 Bucket?

Imagine Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) as a gigantic digital playground where you can store all sorts of cool stuff – pictures, videos, games, and more. An S3 bucket is like your own special box in this playground where you can keep your treasures safe and sound.

How Buckets Work

Buckets are like magic containers, and they have unique names. You can name your bucket anything you want, but you have to make sure it’s a name that’s easy to remember. For example, you could name your bucket “MyAmazingGames” or “SuperSecretPics.”

Inside your bucket, you can put all your digital toys. Each toy is called an “object.” So, if you have a bunch of cool game apps, each app would be an object in your bucket.

Storing and Retrieving

Now, here’s the fun part: you can put your games, pictures, or anything else you want into your bucket. It’s like putting toys in your toy chest.

When you want to play a game or show a picture to your friends, you can take it out of your bucket. This is called “retrieving” the object. It’s just like taking a toy out of your toy chest when you want to play with it.

Sharing with Friends

One of the coolest things about S3 buckets is that you can share your stuff with your friends, even if they live far away! You can give them a special link, and they can see or download the things you want to share.

Just remember, it’s essential to be careful with your special links and only share them with people you trust, like your friends and family.

Keeping Things Safe

Amazon S3 buckets are super safe. They have security guards (well, actually, they have security settings) to protect your stuff. You can decide who’s allowed to put things in your bucket, take things out, or even see what’s inside.

Plus, Amazon keeps backups of your things, just in case. So, if your favorite game or picture ever disappears, Amazon’s got your back!


Now, here’s one more thing you need to know. Amazon S3 buckets are great, but they’re not entirely free. You might need to pay a little bit, depending on how much stuff you put in your bucket and how often you play with it.

But don’t worry, most of the time, it’s very affordable, and you can always check to see how much you’re using to make sure you’re not spending too much.


So, there you have it, young tech explorers! Amazon S3 buckets are like magical containers in the digital playground where you can store and share your favourite digital toys. You can keep things safe, share them with friends, and even check your costs to make sure everything stays fun and friendly.

Building a cloud foundation of knowledge

Teaching young children the importance of the cloud is crucial as it cultivates digital literacy, equipping them to confidently navigate the increasingly digital world.

Additionally, it fosters essential skills in collaboration and communication, which are vital for interpersonal relationships and teamwork. Moreover, understanding the cloud provides access to a vast repository of resources, expanding their knowledge and learning possibilities.

It was a delight hosting this event and we look forward to the next.

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