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Meet Samba Safety

At Samba Safety, their mission is to promote safer communities by reducing risk through data insights. Since 1998, Samba Safety has offered a driver risk management software. This software is used in the automotive and shipping industries to help ensure drivers maintain a low risk profile. Truck drivers have demanding schedules that may require long periods of driving through traffic or through the night on dark roads. Samba Safety helps drivers lower their risk profile to reduce the risk of injury, damage to property, and even loss of life.


Reduction in time to delivery

Business Challenges

Samba Safety’s data science team had long been using the power of data to inform their business. They had several skilled engineers and scientists, building insightful models that improved the quality of risk analysis on their platform. The challenges faced by this team were not related to data science. Samba’s data science team needed help connecting their existing data science workflow to a continuous delivery solution.

Samba Safety’s data science team maintained several script-like artefacts as part of their development workflow. These scripts performed several tasks, including data preprocessing, feature engineering, model creation, model tuning, and model comparison and validation. These scripts were all run manually when new data arrived into their environment for training. Additionally, these scripts didn’t perform any model versioning or hosting for inference. Samba’s data science team had developed manual workarounds to promote new models to production, but this process became time-consuming and labor-intensive.

To free up Samba’s highly skilled data science teams to innovate on new ML workloads, Samba Safety needed to automate the manual tasks associated with maintaining existing models. Furthermore, the solution needed to replicate the manual workflow used by Samba’s data science team, and make decisions about proceeding based on the outcomes of these scripts.

Finally, the solution had to integrate with their existing code base. The Samba Security data science team used a code repository solution external to AWS; the final pipeline had to be intelligent enough to trigger based on updates to their code base, which was written primarily in R.

Why us?

Samba Safety relied on Firemind’s expertise and knowledge to ensure the complexities of this project could be understood and remedied, using the AWS cloud.

Firemind was chosen as a preferred partner due to our ability to work within the realms of data science, whilst exploring automation and ML pipelines.

The solution for Samba Security’s data science team was built around two ML pipelines. The first ML pipeline trained a model using Samba’s custom data preprocessing, training, and testing scripts. The resulting model artifact is deployed for batch and real-time inference to model endpoints managed by Amazon SageMaker.

The second ML pipeline facilitates the inference request to the hosted model. In this way, the pipeline for training is decoupled from the pipeline for inference. One of the complexities in this project is replicating the manual steps taken by the Samba Security data scientists. The team at Firemind used AWS Step Functions and SageMaker Processing to complete this task. Step Functions allows you to run discrete tasks in AWS using AWS Lambda functions, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) workers, or in this case SageMaker. SageMaker Processing allows you to define jobs that run on managed ML instances within the SageMaker ecosystem. Each run of a Step Function job maintains its own logs, run history, and details on the success or failure of the job. The team used Step Functions and SageMaker, together with Lambda, to handle the automation of training, tuning, deployment, and inference workloads.

The only remaining piece was the continuous integration of code changes to this deployment pipeline. Firemind implemented a CodeStar project that maintained a connection to Samba Security’s existing code repository. When the industrious data science team at Samba Security posts an update to a specific branch of their code base, CodeStar picks up the changes and triggers the automation.

Added value

Samba Security’s new serverless MLOps pipeline had a significant impact on their capability to deliver. The integration of data science and software development enables their teams to work together seamlessly.

3to 1

Reduction in internal resource needed, as the automation removes significant manual steps.

Improved analysis

We were able to connect Samba Safety’s existing data science workflow to a continuous and scalable delivery solution.

Scalable automation

The use of Amazon Sagemaker and Step Functions helped realise the full benefits of an automated workflow. Ensuring the training, tuning, deployment and inference workloads could run without instance.

Client Satisfaction

“By automating our data science models and integrating them into their software development lifecycle, we have been able to achieve a new level of efficiency and accuracy in our services. This has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition and deliver innovative solutions to clients. Our clients will greatly benefit from this with the faster turnaround times and improved accuracy of our solutions.”

Patrick Kemble

CTO - Samba Safety

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