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June 12, 2023

Back to Snowdonia to Climb the Rhyd Ddu Path

It's been almost a year since our first team trip to Snowdonia, and on June 10th, we scaled it yet again, this time following the Rhyd Ddu path. This route came close to almost 3000 feet ascent, making the climb quite the challenge.

Here we go again

It’s been almost a year since our first team trip to Wales, as we looked to scale the mountain once again as a team. Last year saw us tackle the climb in October, bringing the challenges of a colder climb and slippery rocks to scramble over. This year we faced the opposite, as we raced up the mountain to try and beat the sunrise, before June’s heatwave kicked in!

The 12km Rhyd Ddu path to the top of Mount Snowdon

We left the camp just after 3AM, with the hopes of making it to the summit before the sun was rising. Whilst we made excellent time, we were just behind the sunrise as sections of the hike proven very technical and challenging.

We did however, all make it to the top, with no accidents or injuries during the 2,936 feet (895 metre) ascent!

Trip highlights

As well as the climb, the team spent the weekend camping, swimming in the beautiful Llyn Cwellyn reservoir, and exploring the villages of Betws Garmon and Salem. Here’s some of our favourite pictures from the trip.

All in all, the team had a fantastic time away, celebrating what’s been an exceptional first 5 months of 2023 for Firemind. It’s trips like these that really strengthen our bond as a team, ensuring we continue to support each other in projects, trust in each other through challenges and provide the best service for our customers.

Looking for a 2023 career switch?

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Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist

Mark Freeman - Digital Marketing Generalist