Achieve the best in cloud performance

Firemind’s Migration.core provides a secure and production level environment, shifting your business from on-premise or alternative cloud provider to AWS.

By migrating to AWS, your business can take full advantage of the most cost-effective, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure in the market.

Supreme performance

AWS can handle any business requirement, using its unlimited server capacity and high speed resource allocation.

Improved security

Instantly improve your compliance scores with data locality, protection and confidentiality, built into AWS services.


AWS provides a variety of flexible and fixed pricing options, depending on your Amazon EC2 uses.

Optional ongoing support

Receive high quality support with modernisation steps that help future proof your .core solution.

Business Opportunities

Opting for Firemind’s Migration.core is the fastest route to AWS cloud integration. Your business can benefit from multiple weeks of cloud engineering and specialist care, wrapped up in a fixed timeline.

Essential components

Our Migration.core provides all the necessary parts to build in a safe and secure environment. Providing front and back-end developers a haven of exploration.

Best practices

Whether it be role delegation and user access, or using the best services within AWS, we'll quickly identify the necessary steps for continued high level cloud infrastructure.

Digital transformation

Take stock of your business and quickly identify ways to move from legacy technology to higher performance cloud systems.

Case selection

We'll work closely with you to identify the key use cases for migration, ensuring our implementation matches your current and future cloud needs.

Choose Migration.core to make your business cloud ready

Our service ensures your business has the best path to success when migrating to a cloud provider like AWS. Our focused approach allows us to transform both your IT infrastructure as well as the company mindset needed to migrate successfully.

Stage 1

Find the right fix

By analysing your current system’s infrastructure strengths and weaknesses, for all stakeholders, as well as determining your needs moving forward, we can ensure your new cloud infrastructure successfully meets your requirements.

Stage 2

Deploy solution

First, we’ll backup your existing servers and the data and applications they contain; ensuring your existing environment is easily retrievable and safe from loss. Then, we’ll begin establishing the framework of your new cloud infrastructure with AWS.

Stage 3

Validate value

After extensive analysis, planning, preparation and testing, the process to go live begins. We’ll move through the pre-built infrastructure, switching services to live and ensuring each step works as intended.

Stage 4

Ongoing support

Now you’ve successfully migrated, the key to ongoing success in the cloud is determined by proper maintenance and monitoring as your usage adapts and changes. Firemind provides fully managed services, allowing us to keep your migration healthy, using the best features of AWS services and improving costs across your environments.


Adaptable, tailored architecture for your data journey

We’ve created a defined Migration.core architecture. This pre-made system rapidly speeds you through the migration journey, providing an accelerated transition to your new cloud environment.

Customer Spotlight

Cloud migration plan to Amazon Web Services, with projected cost savings of 40%.


Cost savings, switching from Google Cloud Platform to AWS.

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