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fully funded projects by AWS*

Through this offering, Firemind has access to dedicated startup funding benefits. A key deliverable of the engagement, will be a detailed action plan and timeline to execute identified projects that will leverage these benefits.

*subject to compliance with funding criteria.

Introduced by our Managing Directors

Both Ahmed Nuaman and Charlie Hudson, Managing Directors of Firemind, introduce the AWS Basecamp Workshop in a recent video.

Highlighting it’s accelerative benefits as Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms look to modernise and make profitable their acquisitions.

Day 1

Introduction & Discovery

Firemind introduce themselves and spend a session understanding how the customer team work, which tools they use, why they use them, what successes they have and what challenges and pains points they experience.

Magic wand workshop

Begin by discussing the magic wand approach; what would the customer team do if they had a magic wand for increasing productivity, scalability, reliability, resilience, cost efficiency, to blast through blockers. The startup will also receive a free provisional review of their architecture to uncover and resolve potential risks.

Day 2

Stage 1

Retrospective & roadmapping

Relaying opportunities, blockers and wish list from the customer team to the customer management team. Creating a 3 6 9 month plan supplemented by Firemind training, immersion days, AWS funding and support, and additional steps in meeting compliance goals and well architected infrastructure.

Stage 2

Roadmap review & AWS funding programs structuring

Firemind will collate all feedback and prepare a roadmap with recommendations, comparisons and growth plans, helping the customer team achieve their successful growth by utilising the AWS cloud and unlocking further funding offerings from AWS subsidising Firemind’s engagement.

Truly end-to-end

Firemind partnered with AWS to provide a startup acceleration experience that is unmatched.

This 360° tool and skill set allows startups to harness the experience, power and resources of Firemind and deliver across engineering, data science, DevOps, marketing and design, emerging technologies (Web3, AR, VR) and cyber security.

By pairing with Firemind (an AWS Advanced Partner), startups can benefit from:

  • Years of experience in best practice cloud.
  • Experience in providing the best infrastructure, cloud strategy and deployment of high quality secure environments and applications.

Firemind's additional
startup offerings


Firemind’s Migration.core provides a secure and production level environment, shifting your
business from on-premise or alternative cloud
provider to AWS.

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Firemind’s Data.core ensures the most comprehensive and strategic route to building a successful data warehouse and business intelligence platform.

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Machine Learning

Firemind’s ML.core helps the customer discover the real value of their data using AI/ML. Realise the potential of automated workflows and predictive capabilities when enhancing your cloud environment with AI/ML integration.

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Firemind’s API.core creates a best practice
infrastructure and pipeline setup for APIs at scale. Using the latest bleeding edge serverless and managed technologies from AWS, customers can
reduce their maintenance and costs while increasing efficiency, scale, and reliability.

User Interface

Utilise Firemind’s specialist team of UI/UX designers to accelerate the design and direction of your services. Coupled with cutting edge knowledge around responsive and performant UI development, helping customers ensure their products and services are the best on the market.


Firemind works alongside an integrated talent partner that helps Firemind and its customers’ team grow and scale at speed, meeting their demands. With competitive rates and training, this partner provides an end-to-end talent service to ensure growth success.

Y Combinator funded startup success

Firemind’s early work with this logistics/ecommerce/supply chain/last mile startup helped them achieve Y Combinator intake acceptance.

Firemind provided specialist architecture design and build, enabling the customer to disrupt the retail market at scale. This helped the customer get to market quicker, finding their market fit and becoming revenue positive in less than a year.

Firemind’s continuing work has enabled the customer to scale their team, services and products offered through Firemind’s end-to-end services.

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