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November 1, 2021

Halloween at Firemind 2021

Yesterday some of our team (the brave ones), ventured out into the cold of Halloween’s chill to experience the Fort Amherst Halloween Horror event.

Time for a fright

The event, now celebrating it’s 38th year, takes place in the prestigious tunnels of the defensive Fort that were formed in the late 1700s in the town of Chatham. The Fort was created to serve as a defensive position against possible invasions from the French and surrounding countries. Due to the dense chalk cliffs that the Fort occupied, vast cave and tunnel systems were dug out to provide shelter for troops as well as storage for weaponry and gunpowder. It was in these two century old tunnels where the Firemind team spent Halloween eve…

Some of our team dressed for the occasion at Fort Amherst.

The evening saw our participants traverse into the depths of the tunnels, led by ghosts and ghouls, as well as zombie hillbillies! The theme of this year’s event was to meet the Dream Doctor. A undead spirit who’s taken hold of the creatures of the Fort and set them loose on the guests.

The team journeyed through the maze of tunnels, through strobe lit rooms where vampires feast on the fresh batch of victims, to a long forgotten medical ward, full of the undead and those who did not survive the trials of their torture.

You can check out the video of the event by clicking the link below.

Any suggestions for Halloween 2022?

Do you know of a scary UK Halloween event that you’d like to share? We are always on the lookout for exciting events throughout the year for our Firemind team. Contact Us if you know the next spooky spot for 2022.


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