Our working backwards methodologies ensure we put business value first.

Our customers trust us with their unique challenges, so we can help them realise business transformation. With our experience of running innovations hubs and delivering projects across data & analytics, AI/ML, Cloud Native, application development and cloud migration – we believe we are in the best position to help you.

We help you plan to succeed during the defining, scoping and assessment of moving your business processes and data to the cloud.

Accelerate your planning and assessment of moving to the cloud with our team delivering and validating your cloud readiness, architecture, implementation plan, cost analysis and training plan.

To help make your journey to the AWS Cloud as smooth and efficient as possible, our migration practice utilises cloud readiness to cloud onboarding – where we discover, manage, and execute brilliantly together.

Our expertise in Cloud Native, Data & Analytics and AI/ML helps you gain long-term agility and scalability, when moving to the cloud. Rather than as-is, you can exploit advanced features, services and automation techniques, custom to your business and technical requirements.

After the migration, our team conducts an operational excellence assessment, where we assess the overall operational state compared to the desired state – achieving the best operational model.

Throughout the growth of your business, new opportunities, risks and challenges will come to surface. You can leverage our expertise to remove blockers and help you deliver on your business roadmap.

For your cloud journey, Firemind DoJo delivers a custom experience to your use case. Together, we review and refine your cloud development processes and practices throughout our journey. A roadmap for improvement is then delivered.

For your data journey, Firemind’s data strategy workshops consider our holistic approach to data by assessing your business targets to the build of your data platform and it’s visualisation. Use cases include rebuilding existing ETL processes to increase efficiency, security and scalability, as well as designing net-new processes in the consumption of data to gain required insights for decision-making.

Our customers trust us with their unique challenges and opportunities. With our experience of running innovations hubs as well as projects across data & analytics, AI/ML, Cloud Native, we are always happy to sit down and discuss your needs and how we could add value.


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Via our working backwards methodology, together we scope the potential value of your data and ML use cases in collaborative sessions. Having defined shared success, we leverage our in-house accelerator, to rapidly deploy your use case.

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