Scale to Success with AWS Managed Services for Syndeo

Meet Syndeo

Syndeo are a specialist Customer Experience (CX) consulting and technology company, with a proven track record in delivering for world-class brands. Syndeo was set up with the aim of enabling organisations to move beyond telephony, facilitating a digital-first communications strategy.

They help businesses, including some of the world’s best known brands, to maximise their CX technology, empowering agents, delighting customers and helping them reach their business goals.


Turnaround from manual to cloud automated process.

Business Challenges

Syndeo were on the pursuit of scalability, finding and adopting a cloud provider that could allow for scaled connections that ensured elastic, resilient and secure growth in the cloud. Their current setup worked via self hosted servers, operating at higher costs with less flexibility during peak traffic environments.

Why us?

Syndeo had met the Firemind team through one of our AWS Basecamp workshops. Within these sessions, we utilise a working backwards methodology to build a realistic timeframe, budget and steps, to help businesses achieve their goals.

Syndeo found the workshop extremely valuable and were quick to begin a full project with our team, putting into practice the key elements and takeaways from the event.

As mentioned, Syndeo’s services were running on self hosted servers. Firemind was tasked with taking their code that ran within each of their services and migrating the processes into the AWS cloud. A full migration would ensure Syndeo could step away from relying on internal servers and fully embrace the benefits of the AWS cloud.

The individual codes and java packets were containerised, and then hosted via Amazon ECS. We then began to build out additional infrastructures with fully managed services that would support service communication. To achieve this, a wide array of AWS services were used, such as; Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon OpenSearch, Amazon Aurora, AWS Lambda, AWS WAF and AWS Fargate.

Added value

This project transformed the Syndeo workflow, allowing for a hyper scalable, secure, elastic and resilient cloud infrastructure. The benefits of such a project will have knock on effects for the future of Syndeo’s services, reducing internal server costs to zero, as each environment is spun and pushed into live production.

3to 1

Reduction in internal resource needed, as the automation removes significant manual steps.

So long self hosted

Without relying on self hosted internal servers, Syndeo were now free to scale and work with one of the most reputable cloud providers. The migration to AWS ensured security and scalability without limits, the perfect accompaniment to their elastic chat services such as the BILLIE! The Ikea Chatbot.

This migration will also reduce both total storage costs and retrieval costs over time.

Introduction to managed services

AWS Managed Services (AMS) helped Syndeo migrate to AWS at scale and operate more efficiently and securely. We leveraged standard AWS services and provided guidance and execution of operational best practices with specialised automations.

AMS provides proactive, preventative and detective capabilities that raise the operational bar, and help reduce risk without constraining agility, allowing Syndeo to focus on innovation.

Significant cost savings

Self hosted servers typically have unforeseen costs that can be exponential, not to mention maintenance and staffing costs eating into profit margins. AWS cloud storage services ensure more predictable pricing estimates and savings that are reliable and calculated. Syndeo could now make the most of these savings, opening up more profit within current services and reducing costs of future services within their CX code.

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