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Transforming the data warehousing and infrastructure of Naked Wines

ServiceData & Analytics

Transforming the data warehousing and infrastructure of Naked Wines.

Meet Naked Wines

Naked Wines use angel investors money to back hundreds of talented winemakers in 65 places around the world, to the tune of over £4 million every month.

Their system of integrated subscriptions provide their customers superior wine at reduced costs, whilst giving back to a global winemaker society.


Speed improvement to their data workflow.

Business Challenges

The team at Naked Wines had big ambitions for live data and improved workflows to match their growing customer base and winemakers around the world.

They needed enhanced speed and agility to access and interpret data, but were held back by out of date technology.

To top it off, Naked Wines lacked the tools to accurately measure their customers data and make meaningful decisions based on accurate insights.

Why us?

Naked Wines needed a cloud partner who understood data, and how to visualise it in a way that provided real value to their business!

Firemind had the necessary Data Scientists and AWS prowess to combine data streams, interpret results and insights effectively, all while building a housing in AWS.

Our solution

We were able to significantly improve upon the out of date technology set, utilising AWS services for live data control, planning tools and the visualisation and processing of customer data.

We were also able to combine these elements into a unified customer contact and support process, reducing time and manpower on previously laborious tasks.

This was made possible by utilising the relational database service Amazon Aurora alongside Amazon S3 for scalable storage.

AWS Cloudwatch allowed for real time monitoring of data applications whilst AWS Secrets Manager protected the IT resources and database credentials.

DevOps & CICD

We helped the customer understand the correct approach to developing new features on multiple accounts and regions, by implementing feature checks in the IaC framework. This advantage of using IaC, combined with CICD and Git Flow, allows the customer to also easily roll back, automatically using CI, any features that may break production, and meant that the solution is able to be deployed within minutes, including new features and updates, and all changes are managed via code.

Added value

Naked Wines and Firemind worked closely to ensure that, as their customer base and winemaker society expanded, they had the necessary data and analytical tools at hand.


Operational cost reduction when retrieving data sets for insights.

Tooling Fit for Purpose

We built the appropriate acquisition and retention tools to enable longevity and scalability within their data requirements.


The new infrastructure on AWS gave way to previously unseen benefits, such as user management and workflow creations to make fast reporting a breeze.

Data streams

With so much data come so much noise! Separating the ‘signal from the noise’ was crucial as Naked Wines stepped up their data and analytic usage. Our solutions implified the way in which data streams were processed, cleaned and made available for viewing.

Client Satisfaction

“Firemind have been working very proactively with us in a number of areas, such as data strategy, business intelligence and eCommerce. They are a great partner to work with as, not only do they know their stuff, but they are really happy to challenge us in the way we do things, and partner with us to make things better.”

David Crawford

Chief Technology Officer

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