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IndustryMedia & Advertising
ServiceCloud Storage & Display

3D scene creation, display and adaptable storage using AWS

ServiceCloud Storage & Display
IndustryMedia & Advertising

3D scene creation, display and adaptable storage using AWS

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Addictive Pixel’s proven partnering model supports creative content and digital production needs, guaranteeing a smooth and cost efficient experience.

They enable full-scale production facilities that integrate animation, videography and marketing campaigns for agencies worldwide.


Monthly reduction in total costs by removing 3rd party software.

Business Challenges

Addictive Pixel had an industry leading client that needed a solution to store, manage and design 3D scenes.

The solution had to include different user levels such as admin, user admin and singular user. It also needed to have future adaptability so that it could be used for other customers with similar needs.

Why us?

As the solution heavily relied on knowledge of 3D assets, creative inputs and render speeds, Addictive Pixel looked at Firemind for their experience in the field.

They needed a partner that could not only build a cloud solution to solve their client’s problem, but understand the subtleties of the design process and be forward thinking in their approach.

Our solution

Firemind’s solution used a suite of different AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 and AWS Batch.

In order to serve the content for this application, Amazon CloudFront was used as it allows Amazon API gateway to connect to most of the AWS Lambda resources necessary. Amazon CloudFront also used Amazon S3 to display static content. The Amazon API gateway was configured to use rest APIs which have edge optimised endpoints.

As part of the solution, we needed thorough authentication for all users. To do this we used AWS Lambda to authenticate the user and then set the user’s sessions. We stored these sessions in Amazon DynamoDB due to the importance of the ‘time to live’ feature.

For the UAM section of the application we used AWS Lambda, Amazon Relational Database Service and Amazon API Gateway. Amazon Relational Database Manager was used to store user, scene and asset information. The scene and asset information also correlated to Amazon S3 objects. AWS Lambda was used to query the database in order to save new information and display this data on the frontend.

In terms of the 3D visual studio, we used ThreeJS to create most components, with assets and background images pulling from S3 using signed URLs. The render section of the editor incorporated multiple AWS components. This allowed it to run a python script on a container.

Finally, we incorporated CloudWatch logs to monitor AWS Batch and AWS Lambda. This enhanced any future troubleshooting if an error occurred within a render.

Added value

Addictive Pixel now had a scalable application that allowed for scene creation within a visual 3D editor as well as a user-friendly UAM. This saves the client time as well as centralises assets, user access and storage.


Monthly reduction in total costs by removing 3rd party software.

Virtual 3D Studio

Creation of an environment where the user can add assets, backgrounds and cameras, as well as alter lighting to create different variations of shadow.

User & Asset Management

Crafting a UAM interface that allowed appropriate access and authentication to multiple user types.

Reduced Costs

Crafting a replacement cloud process to lower costs of designs, renders, storage and access – from the ground up.

Client Satisfaction

“Firemind have always been my go-to developers. They take a great brief and add a huge amount of value, by sharing their knowledge and skill set. They have always delivered and have never objected to a change or comment on the roadmap. The perfect partner to work with.”

Jon Wiltshire

Company Founder

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