Our team integrates with your business roadmap, delivering innovation and improved decision-making, from AI/ML.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) can unlock tremendous business value in a timely and innovative manner, gathering new insights, predictions, forecasting, automation and more. Leverage our expertise, frameworks, tools, and in-house developed accelerator, in your journey to utilise predictive, prescriptive AI/ML techniques.

AI/ML accelerates processes, boosts productivity and maximizes potential. Regardless of the sector or industry, utilising AI/ML in your business can showcase true potential values.

Whether it’s streamlining manual and laborious tasks or aggregating your business data into structured and predictive patterns, there is a use case that provides an advantageous impact for any business.

We help you with reviewing and assessing your data, defining likely business values of several use cases that can address your business needs.

We recognise the challenge companies face when looking at AI/ML initiatives, and the uncertainty on how effective it will be to address specific business challenges.

Leveraging our expertise, frameworks, tools and in-house developed accelerator, we will be able to deliver a Proof-of-value using your data that can qualify the return on investment.

For companies that are uncertain about the use cases for AI/ML and require validation for internal and external business case validation, Firemind Ignite has been launched.

From conception and proof-of-value to having AI/ML fully implemented within your business requires thorough implementation, planning and end-to-end customer experience mapping.

Based on your business needs and the technical requirements to provide a feasible solution, from proof-of-value – a minimum value model is created.

When all requirements are met and likely business value has been qualified, we promote the solution to a new environment or within your existing environment. With our team conducting an operational state assessment, we ensure operational excellence.

Leverage MLOps principles within your business-critical AI/ML solutions.

We understand business operating environments are ever changing, and businesses as well as ML models need to adapt to avoid drift and not lose competitive advantages. Under our support, we proactively retrain ML models, continuously optimising to meet this challenge.

With our expertise, we are able to fit in all the relevant metrics to track performance of the end-to-end solution.

We put your team in the best position possible, to maintain and develop your solution, ensuring you have all the relevant knowledge using Firemind DoJo workshops.

During a Firemind DoJo workshop, we’ll review and refine your cloud development processes and practices, throughout our journey. Methodology on enhancing and optimising cloud management is shared at multiple stages and a roadmap for improvement is delivered.

AI/ML delivers the ability for business leaders to accelerate the use of data and analytics to establish improved decision making, resulting in better products and services to your customers and ability to scale the business. From identifying the first use case to full production, we can help you succeed.


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Automated medical record collation using AI/ML

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Via our working backwards methodology, together we scope the potential value of your data and ML use cases in collaborative sessions. Having defined shared success, we leverage our in-house accelerator, to rapidly deploy your use case.

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